Heulwen (retired)
Caitlin Stasey
Caitlin Stasey as Lady Heulwen de Dinton
Full Name: Lady Heulwen de Dinton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Dinton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Betrothed to Sir Acwel de Woodford Height: 5'3"
Father: Leodoc de Dinton Weight: A bit waifish
Mother: Matilda de Dinton nee Falt Hair Color: Brunette
Siblings: Kamron, a few other brothers Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Must needs fill in lengthy background story, but I am super lazy so it's going to take a long, long time to fill this stupid space.

During the autumn of 514, Acwel and his betrothed, Heulwen, along with his sister, Seren, left Salisbury on a mission for the Earl to better relations with Helvetia.


This noblewoman is surrounded by an air of pride and nobility, subtly emitted by her perfect posture and raised chin. Soft folds of wavy brown have been pulled back artfully into a loose bun, leaving wavy wisps of hair loose about the back of her neck and her temples. The chocolate hue serves as a stark contrast to her pale, nearly translucent skin touched only by a hint of colour about the cheeks. Her sharp brown eyes are framed by thin black lashes, and they bear a sort of hawkish gaze and a "sizing up" air, as if she were constantly gauging the worthiness of those around her. Her features are otherwise sharp and somewhat angular, narrow in the face to match her slim form.

Distinctive Features

  • Color Chameleon - Although some may find the combination of brown hair and brown eyes to be boring, the tone of her skin in contrast with these renders her capable of looking stunning in every possible color.
  • Wide-Eyed - In comparison to the size of her face and the angularity of her features, Wen's eyes are rather large and round—and moreso when she is caught by surprise.
  • Effortless Waves - Wen is rather fond of her hair with its very long, very natural waves adding just enough texture to keep from being too boring.

On the Grid

Known Associates

dinton My family, and my biggest source of pride. For them there is little that I would not do.
Kamron de Dinton, "Kam"
kamron The oldest of us all, perhaps my closest brother of the lot. He is overprotective to the point of smothering, but I know I will value this trait in time.
Cyndeyrn de Dinton
cyndeyrn My cousin - very stoic, but beneath that hard facade I know he cares deeply for his family. I respect him greatly.
Lysanor de Dinton
lysanor A sweet cousin, and very much a darling. I feel she is the sister I never had.
Amalthea de Dinton
amalthea Another very sweet cousin who has an uncanny touch with horses. I am quite fond of her.

Recent Logs

(514-09-17) A Lack of Imagination
Summary: After discovering a discrepancy in taxes paid the Earl, a group of knights plus one lady...

(514-09-01) Strike for the Heart
Summary: Conversations and anger in the Black Boar. Date: 514-09-01 Related: None ...

(514-08-22) Couples at Court
Summary: Acwel, Heulwen, Kamron, Arian, Seren, and Cyndeyrn talk at Sarum Castle Date: August 22,...

(514-08-16) A Pagan in the Fold
Summary: Another visit to Dinton manor by Sir Arian, including some weighty discussion. Date:...

(514-08-03) The Very Unwary Secretary
Summary: The Unwary Lord Secretary calls forth four ladies to help discover what happened to missing...

(514-08-01) Pitton and Woodford Wedding
Summary: The wedding ceremony of Aluksander de Pitton and Deryn de Woodford at the White Abbey in...

(514-07-28) - The Saxon Toll
Summary: Acwel and Heulwen are riding to Dinton when they are confronted by survivors from the Saxon...

(514-06-23) Family and Friends
Summary: In the wake of the Trouble in Sarum, Laverstocks and friends gather together to catch up. ...

(514-06-22) A Little Light Entrapment
Summary: Arian requests Heulwen's help in a matter of the heart. Date: 22 June 514 Related: None...

(514-06-20) Flustered Flirting
Summary: A trio of ladies enter the apothecary's shop, soon joined by Caerdin and the flirting...

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