Nikolaj Coster-Waldau
Nikolaj Coster-Waldau as Harken
Full Name: Harken
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Winterbourne Stoke
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Height
Father: Father Weight: Weight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: Children



Harken had the typical upbringing of the first son of a landed noble. Given lessons in the sword and lance as soon as he was old enough to wield them. Raised a British Christian he merely pays lip service to the Church, prefering to put his faith in those he fights alongside of. Never one to back down from a fight, even if discretion would have been the better part of valor, Harken throws himself completely into whatever he sets his mind to. Much to his chagrin his younger sister also followed along the path of knighthood and even proved herself to be better with the lance at the last tourney. It suits him just fine, he prefers to look his opponent in the eye.


This man has a dusky, weather-worn tanned complexion. Piercing blue eyes gaze out from under a thin browline. His hair is kept neat, a dirty blonde in color. A square jaw defined his face, covered by a constant five o' clock shadow. Defined, taut muscle can be seen beneath the flesh of his arms, leading down to a pair of long fingered hands, fit but not overly burderend with muscle. Leanly muscled legs taper down from from a washboard stomach.

Over his torso he wore a soft shirt, red in color. A a beige leather jack would cover that, leading down to about his knees. A belt kept it closed, from which of course hung a longsword. A simple but well made pair of pants cover his legs and are tucked into a pair of well-worn knee-high leather boots.

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