Ryan Hurst
Ryan Hurst as Sir Hadyn de Tisbury
Full Name: Sir Hadyn de Tisbury
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Tisbury
Class: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 76"
Father: Kenrick de Tisbury Weight: 235 lbs
Mother: Idella de Tisbury Hair Color: Dark Blonde
Siblings: Cerys de Tisbury
Uwain de Tisbury
Eye Color: Glacier Blue
Children: None



The man who stands before you has what could easily be called a rock solid muscularity. His shoulders seem almost as broad as a doorway, and standing six and a half feet, he stands tall enough that he needs to duck his head while stepping through most doorways.His hair is thick and luxurious, with natural easy waves of deep honey gold that is shot with sun bleached silvery platinum. Falling to just a couple of inches beneath his broad shoulders with a wind swept look, his hair is rarely if ever tied back, and therefore falls about his rugged sun tanned countenance. His is a very masculine vestige with chiseled cheekbones and a firm brow that bears expressive uncultured eyebrows. Those brows shadow a gaze of primal intensity in his brilliant glacier blue eyes. Upon a solid squared jaw grows a thick beard that like his hair seems to have been lightened by the sun, dark hairs turning to gold in which even the silvery platinum randomly grow. Trimmed his beard is bushy without being unruly, its length reaching to the base of his neck, while the mustache has been trimmed to reveal expressive full lips which often holds a solemn serious expression. He commonly wears reinforced chain armor overlaying his brown tunic. On his feet are a pair of boots, likely fashioned for traversing rough terrain.

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dywana My Goddess, my wife to be, she once saved me from drowning in a river while I was a squire. Now she has grown, as have I. I love her as much as I love my family and hope to soon regard her as such.

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