Clive Owen
Clive Owen as Sir Glaw of Newton Tony
Full Name: Sir Glaw of Newton Tony
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Newton Tony (Newentone)
Class: Knight
Spouse: Gwynaelle nee Idmiston Height: Above Average
Father: Gerralt de Newton Tony Weight: Average
Mother: Lynn de Newton Tony Hair Color: dark brown
Siblings: Angharad (youngest Sister),
Niamh (Twin Sister),
Seraphina (Older Sister),
Dai (Half-brother)
Eye Color: green
Children: None




Heir to the Newton Tony manor (or as they call it, Newentone), Glaw was was raised strongly in the pagan belief by his father, but had some influence from his Christian mother, which makes him rather tolerant of the (British) Christian faith.



Tall and reasonably broad shouldered, Glaw carries himself with a certain grace and poise. Dark hair sits atop of his head, almost black, and yet piercing green eyes. Slightly taller than average, Glaw has been bred to lead people and it shows in his posture and in he gaze he lays on others.

When not in armor, Glaw usually dresses in dark green colors and oddly simple clothes: Leather pants, a woolen tunic and/or overcoat, a simple brown belt to hold dagger and pouch.

Armored and armed a tabbard with his family's crest is added, a sheath with sword on his hip and more often than not a large spear when on foot.

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Known Associates

Glaw's twin sister
Glaw's older sister.
Glaw's youngest sister
Peon of Newton Tony, childhood friend and cause of countless rumors.
Wife. Formerly of Idmiston
Priestress of his Faith and bringer of ominous prophecies
Mutal debts repaid?
»If you weighted his head and his heart, his heart would be heavier not only because it is made of gold.«

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