Moe Dunford
Moe Dunford as Gilchrist de Woodford
Full Name: Gilchrist de Woodford
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Woodford
Class: Knight
Spouse: Betrothed to Darchelle de Woodborough Height: 5'8"
Father: Sir Roderic de Woodford (deceased) Weight: Sturdy
Mother: Lady Aurielle de Woodford, née Stapleford Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Algernon, Ravenna and one younger brother Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


A pious knight of Roman Christian faith, cousin to the head of the manor.


Quite a presence is this young knight, standing stall at 5'8" while of comparatively sturdy built, battle-hardened as his broad shoulders and the scar running across his jawline betrays, even if he has grown a bit of beard to cover the blemish. The beard is well-kept, moderately short and of a similar brown tone as his hair, which frames a face of earnest features, not strikingly handsome but not exactly ugly either. His eyes are of blue-grey color, attentive and often appearing judgmental and assessing in their gaze.

He is clad in a tunic of rough-spun linen, dyed a dark blue, and hoses of a dark shade of grey that are neatly tucked into a pair of well-kept leather boots. A clasp of bronze, etched with the coat of arms of Woodford, keeps the cloak of dark blue wool in place, with an embroidered lining of yellow and ocre tones.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Acwel de Woodford
acwel Head of House. Honorable and recently married. Haven't seen him in years.
Seren de Dinton, née Woodford
seren A good sort. I hear she married the Dinton heir. A good match.
Sir Erion
erion Cousin. It has been a while.
algernon Seneschal of Woodford. You have borne well with the fate Our Lord above hath chosen for you. You have my fullest respect.
ravenna Clever and pious. When news of your betrothal to that Pagan knight reached me, I weeped for days. A good thing the information was false, as he is at least British Christian.

Recent Logs

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(514-04-24) A Musical Offense
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