Travis Fimmel
Travis Fimmel as Gideon
Full Name: Gideon
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Stapleford
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unwed Height: 5'4
Father: Barrett De Stapleford (D) Weight: 160 lbs.
Mother: Chantal De Stapleford (Nee Woodford) Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Claire De Stapleford, Melusine De Stapleford Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


There is always a man at the head of Stapleford manor, but he should not be confused with the actual power held there. Stapleford is a matriarchy, or has been for the past four generations, its women possessing sharp tongues, sharper steel, and still sharper wits in the common wisdom. Gideon de Stapleford was born to this raucous family as the son of Barrett and Chantal in the summer of 492, with twin sisters following in the ensuing year. His grandfather was Baldwin, and perhaps more relevantly his grandmother the Lady Dulcibella, who retains an iron grip on her various progeny despite her advanced age. Barrett was poisoned at the Infamous Feast that claimed the life of Uther Pendragon, so Gideon barely knew him, though most accounts portrayed him as a bit of a boor and without tact.

Stapleford Lady Rule of Conduct 1: Be sparse with praise for your husbands and brothers, lest God decide they are worthy of Heaven.

With the passage of his father, Gideon grew up in a household that was suspiciously sparse of uncles. What he did have was his grandmother and his three aunts: Esmene, Iona, and Diana. Of these, only the eldest had remained married. The others had managed to go through no less than three husbands, though each blessed Gideon with a vast horde of cousins to play with, though the majority were girls and thus likely to also become Stapleford women. It was a world where whispers were weapons, where a woman was just as likely to hold steel as embroidery, and exhortations towards chivalry were often tempered with folk wisdom and brutal pragmatism.

Stapleford Knight Rule of Conduct 6: Never speak more than one word to your Lord’s six.

It was not a household without love, but it was often veiled in the harsh expectation of being Barrett’s heir. His grandmother and his mother impressed upon him the importance of information, to be observant and the constant interchange of favors that lay beneath the surface of Staplefords alleged chaos.Chantal and Dulcibella decided to squire him to his uncle Gore, a softspoken man of the wilds whom many claimed to be more beast than man, camping outside of Stapleford for nine months out of the year, returning during the winter months. These periods of solitude were occasionally interrupted by visits from his aunt Diana (Gore’s wife), who would occasionally join them on their hunts. Gore would have Gideon accompany him to the battles of Netley Marsh and Bedegraine, serving competently if without distinction. This lifestyle toughened him greatly, creating a sturdy, strong young man of few words and a cunning ear for bath man and beast, though it would delay his knighting by a year.

In typical Stapleford fashion, the aunts responded to his soon to be knighthood by pelting him with cabbage and suggesting he was slow in the head for having taken so long.

Stapleford Knight Rule of Conduct 9: Accomplish many great deeds and at a great distance from those who love you.


He's solid, certainly, a bit shorter than average height but with the broadness of frame to not suffer overly much from it. Dirty blonde hair is shorn on both sides, the bulk of it brought up into an upward sweeping crest, his eyes a deep pale blue. Both features are set above a nose that looks to have been broken at least once and never set completely right. His strong jaw is heavily stubbled, set above a bullish neck and barrel chest. His limbs are nearly thick as oaks and quite long, as it to offset the lack of height that nature has given.

When unarmored he wears a forest green tunic and a black cloak. There is a single iron ring on his left ring finger, bearing a simple inscription, translated from the Latin "Death knows no fear". His boots are slightly heavier than the usual make, and woolen trousers.

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Surprise your enemy as you would the beast in the thicket. If he cannot turn fast enough, he was not worth the risk of a fair fight.

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