Charlie Cox
Charlie Cox as Gaius de Stapleford
Full Name: Gaius de Stapleford
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christianity
Manor: Stapleford Manor
Class: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5'9"
Father: Juno de Stapleford Weight: 139 lbs
Mother: Stapleford Meddling Hair Color: Black
Siblings: None Eye Color: Emerald
Children: None


So often a man's story starts with his father. As is often with Staplefords, theirs starts with a mother's story. Savilla was her name, a spark of desire to name her such from Verona after reading an old tale of Rome. Osron could hardly disagree, and thus gladly sired a girl named from old stories, of old lands, about old empires. Savilla grew up in the normal manner of Stapleford girls, though her flare of womanly control was less asserted over another man and more over her own destiny. Not content to be married off to another family, she took flight in 451… across the seas to fight the Huns when a call to arms arose from King Vortigern. She returned with a dead husband to her name and a child of battle. The girl was spared the wrath of the family, by her mother no less, as she brought the bones of her husband whom she said "Wanted a Roman end." Of course Savilla had no idea what that meant, but did remember the looming mausoleum.

Savilla named her son Juno keeping the rather fleeting tradition of her line of the Stapleford family and their ancient names. He was to be a Knight, like his father of whom he never knew and learned so little of. Much to the annoyance of his mother, and other Stapleford women, he spent many days ranging, away from the Stapleford manor. Rumors abound that he took after his mother, a desire to control his own destiny, and to avoid the pre-decided marriages most nobility face. He sired a true born son late in life, though sired a few bastards as well. Gaius was the boy's name, in keeping with their own little tradition.

Gaius was a child of normal Stapleford raising, by that of the women. His father passed when he was 4, killed in a Saxon raid after the sacking of Lincoln in 494. Unlike his grandmother or his father, Gaius did not set about immediately to control his own destiny. The boy lamented the seeming lack of history he had. He did not know his grandfather, as Savilla refused to speak of the man even in her last years, and barely knew his father. Death had stolen them both away. Death seemed to steal so often. "Could you steal back from death?" he would ask at the clueless age of eight, the beating he receive he would remember until his end days. He didn't disrepesct death, indeed he was more involved in the Stapleford Death Cult then most. A grave needed digging? He would sharpen the grave digger's shovel, to help the peasant with his task. The swamp has claimed another soul? The body would be found no matter how deep it sank. A plague has swept through? The fire should be done right, he would insist. The boy, knighted in the tradition of his father, respected death, but he wanted to know more of it.

If Jesus could return to them, could others? Miracles such as Lazarus made the boy fascinated with holy scripture, thus he learned to read. But when he did not find the secret potion or incantation to bring a spirit back, he turned to the other ways. He always preferred speaking to one of the druids of the wood, instead of the clergy in the monastery. Perhaps the fey could better explain death? Unfortunately, even learning songs that were said to summon great horned beasts from the darkness of the wood (he could never hit the last note right), provided little in the way of giving the boy the knowledge he desired.

Perhaps he wanted to speak with his mother after she passed. To get her to finally tell him of his grandfather. He likely would ask his own father why he spent so much time away, not wanting to admit it was likely because of the Stapleford women and their controlling ways. After he was Knighted under the Stapleford Manor he let his obsessions and hobbies fall away to focus on the more martial aspect of his life. If the priests and the fey couldn't give him the answers, perhaps there were no answers to be had. His interest in the two aspects of death, the spiritual and magical, gave way to dealing with the much simpler reality of the physical. Dealing death, and honoring death. The young knight has a sad look to his features, as if he regrets not having the answers he desires. Despite that sad look, he strives to constantly uphold the ideals of being a knight and it is rare to find him not working in some manor either to honor Stapleford traditions or the traditions of knighthood.


You see a young man, keen and sad eyes, as if he knows some long forgotten truth that everyone has decided to pass on, or that they barely remember in the periphery of their mind. The sadness is only in his eyes, and often seems out of place with his movements. Always on the move, always doing something, never resting and some wonder where he finds time to sleep!

Standing a little over five feet and a hand or two he weighs only a dozen stones or more, though the bulk of travel attire or battle armor - as the need arises - obscures his true height and weight. Jet black hair frames his face, falling just below his ears and mixing with the scruff of a winter beard covering his face which he has yet to shave off to return to modest decency. Emerald green eyes settle above the hawkish nose he bears. He appears just a bit gaunt in the face, either hinting at genetic predisposition, or a recently hard winter or travels that found food a bit scarce or left little time for the pleasantries of eating.

He wears travel attire, a under and over tunic made of fine wool to keep the cold at bay and the warmth close. His tunic bears the marking, colors, and heraldry of house Stapleford and the sticking of the angel Michael marks him as one of the house's death obsessed knights. His sword is bound in leather and scabbard at his waist, though where the traditional dagger would be found he instead has a length of reed bouncing against the scabbard. The flute gives a little knock of musical sound when it hits the hard scabbard at the right angle and with the right amount of force.

On the Grid

Known Associates

staple Somber. Serious. Often maligned and misunderstood. Gaius often assures those he meets in his travels he is no puppeteer of the dead and neither is his family.
Gideon De Stapleford
gideon Head of the House. Runs things as best he can.
Adwen De Stapleford
adwen Daughter of Iona De Stapleford. Formidability is genetic, by all accounts.
Claire De Stapleford
claire The youngest of the core Stapleford children. One of the rare female Knights of the family and also a keeper of the family faith.
Melusine De Stapleford
melusine The second of the core Stapleford children.
Letha De Stapleford
letha Cousin to the main line. Esmene's second born daughter.
Ffion De Stapleford
ffion Cousin to the main line. Esmene's third born daughter.
Fayne De Stapleford
fayne Cousin to the main line. Diana's eldest son.

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