Luke Evans
Luke Evans as Sir Fayne de Stapleford
Full Name: Sir Fayne de Stapleford
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Stapleford
Class: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 6'0"
Father: Gore Weight: 161
Mother: Diana Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Three Eye Color: Brown
Children: None



There is always a man at the head of the Stapleford manor.%R%R%THowever this figurehead is no true match for the matriarchy that has ruled the manor for the past four generations. The eldest of three sisters who form the top of this matriarchy is Diana. She is also the only one to have only married once, her husband may as well be a hermit only returning to the manor for winters and having little to do with his wife or children.

Sadly it was Diana who raised her children, of those children Fayne was the oldest, the first born and a son but sadly nowhere close to being the head of house. Not that the lad would have wanted to rule the manor anyway, Fayne was curious and scholarly always trying to figure out the meaning behind old legends and lore. He never learned to read but hew as smart enough to learn through observation, listening, and self study. He was largely quiet unless he had a question but since he had many questions he was rarely quiet. But when things went from questions to conversations Fayne went stupid. He had no idea how to talk to people when he wasn't trying to investigate or learn something.

As someone who would rather explore and discover lore and history Fayne had no real desire to be a knight, it was his mothers insistence that had him squire with one of Aunt Iona's husbands, and then the three that came after that before he finally was knighted. His knighthood came slightly early and he switched teachers so often that he learned a great many different ways to fight and defend as well as how to hunt with and without falcons. Fayne grew to be a large and strong man, fit to be a knight but he would rather study than fight even though he does his duties without a second of complaint.

Despite his scholarly nature Fayne has no fear of death, in fact he is rather fascinated with it and what happens to the soul after it leaves the body. This lack of fear makes him reckless and while he is a scholar he has a strong set of morals and beliefs that he will defend at all costs. With all his curiosity and intelligence Fayne is also fascinated with religion, particularly Pagan and Stapleford traditions. He isn't sure what he believes himself but studying the lore behind what other people belief is fascinating to him.

Since being knighted Fayne has been out wandering around studying old historical sights, often gone for months at a time. He has just now started to reappear in Sarum and Stapleford. The years have made the curious boy he was into a man who is quiet and almost broody unless he has a specific question to ask or a comment to make. He isn't happy with his mothers recent attempts to convince his cousin to marry him off but he knows better than to start an argument he cannot win.



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