Evae (retired)
Taylor Swift
Taylor Swift as Sir Evae de Steeple Langford
Full Name: Sir Evae de Steeple Langford
Age: 21 (barely)
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Steeple Langford
Class: Knight
Spouse: Perin Height: 5'5"
Father: Tomas Weight: shhh
Mother: Eryn Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Several Eye Color: Blue
Children: Children


Evae is the youngest of the Winterbourne Stoke siblings, just a little over nine months younger than Aeryn. In a house filled with brothers, the two girls were very close and spent all of the time they could together. When her sister decided to be a knight, Evae followed in her footsteps. The two were inseparable until they each went their ways for squiring. Still, Salisbury is small enough they did get to see each other often so they could remain close.

Evae eventually outgrew her sister in height, and Aeryn easily outdid Evae in looks, but it was never an argument between them, they were simply best friends. Evae was away when Aeryn got married and missed the wedding and now that she's just turned 21, she is very, very, newly knighted, but talented with weapons. She was very rapt of attention in learning the more martial skills, yet she retained the gracefulness she was born with. Book studies though? She only knew the bare minimum to get by with, but it has suited her so far.

Of course, there has been the talk of the alliance between Steeple Langford for as far back as Evae could remember and her sister sealed the deal.. until her death. Were they going to look to her to close the alliance and give the promised heir the original contract had stipulated?….

Yes. They would. And the families decided the sooner the better so Perin and Evae were wed in a quiet ceremony in Steeple Langford with only her parents and his uncle in attendance. The two have been keeping mostly to themselves since the marriage, in an attempt to get to know each other and grieve for the loss they have both suffered.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Harken de Winterbourne Stoke
harken Oldest brother
Unnamed de Winterbourne Stoke
second brother Second brother
Cieran de Winterbourne Stoke
cieran Third brother
Aeryn de Steeple Langford
aeryn Only sister, deceased :(
Ewin de Winterbourne Stoke
ewin Fourth brother

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