Max Irons
Max Irons as Sir Erion de Woodford
Full Name: Sir Erion de Woodford
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Woodford
Class: Knight
Spouse: Engaged to Eibhlin de Newton Height: 5'10"
Father: Llewellyn ap Dafydd de Woodford Weight: 150 lbs
Mother: Dilys de Woodford (née Newton) Hair Color: Golden Blonde
Siblings: Acwel & Seren Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Erion is the younger brother of the Lord of Woodford manor and the current second in line until Acwel has a son. He is the twin brother of Lady Seren and is also known to be a competent and exceptionally handsome knight with some talent as a diplomat as well. Now that his older brother has left on a journey and not returned it may well be that Erion becomes the permanent Heir and soon the Head of House.


The young lad before you is one on the edge of becoming a man. Looking as though he is nearing twenty if not already there his posture is one of alertness and attention. His facial expressions tend to extremes of stoic or passionate and are often shifting. A figure of slightly above average height he is about five foot ten inches tall. The build he has is lean and muscled albeit lightly. Fair and rather pale skin is smooth and unmarred by the scars of battle or time. He has yet to grow a beard or even a sign of facial hair, the skin of his face remaining smooth and young looking.

Tousled hair is a golden blonde and just messy enough to look handsome without looking too unkempt. Cut neat and short above his small rounded ears that hair barely reaches the middle of his neck in length but the thickness of it makes it appear longer on top. Thick yet groomed eyebrows sit low over a pair of almond shaped eyes. The irises of those eyes are a rich vivid pale blue and change from stoic and blank to bright and gleaming with emotion along with his expressions. The nose that reaches down between those eyes is long and sharp, the point of it down turned slightly. The high boned structure of his cheeks gives him a somewhat aristocratic look. This look is softened by the slight roundness of those cheeks as they slope down into his jaw and chin. The jaw is strong and rounded and the chin rounds off with just the slightest of points to it. A long slender neck leads downwards to his body proper

He wears elegant yet simple attire when out and about. The colors he wears tend to be bright blues paired with light grey. When attending knightly duties he has a set of polished renforced chainmail armor that he wears. He is never seen without his sword and dagger at his belt and also will carry a shield baring the Woodford crest if the occasion is appropriate.


On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Acwel de Woodford
acwel Older brother.
Lady Seren de Woodford
seren Twin Sister.

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