Elrick de Laverstock - Retired
Bradley Cooper
Bradley Cooper as Elrick de Laverstock
Full Name: Elrick de Laverstock
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Laverstock
Class: Knight
Spouse: Eirian de Burcombe Height: 6'0"
Father: Sir Galalloc de Laverstock Weight: 195
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Eldest brother (deceased)
Sir Lainn de Laverstock
Sir Arian de Laverstock
Sir Aeden de Laverstock
Twin to Aedan (deceased)
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Born to the House Laverstock, Elrick is the middle son of Lord Sir Galalloc de Laverstock, a knight has just recently returned home to Salisbury. With his mother passing during childbirth to his younger twin brothers and the Laverstock being traditionally a long line of battlefield knights, it is no surprise where his destiny lies.

Growing up in the Laverstock household, Elrick took to the training yards as his brothers and sister did, though he did often tease his younger sister about it when he had the chance. It was out of love of course and soon the teasing stopped when his older brother, Lainn, began practicing with Arian. Elrick himself took to the practice seriously as well, not just to disappoint but also because he is the competitive sort. He also helped out around the Household with whatever physical work needed to be done as he hit his growth spurt, showing that he will be a very able bodied man.

When Elrick was of age to begin his official training as a knight, he was sent off with a knight that was in Earl Robert's service, Sir Lionel. The young Laverstock took to the training in full earnest and dedication, especially as he continues to grow in size as he approaches adulthood which made his transformation into a knight much smoother. Being the veteran that Sir Lionel was, the older knight made sure his squire was prepared for battle in the youth's coming years, meaning that the long blade was not the only skill that was taught. The advantages of combat while mounted over on foot was thoroughly explained, so Elrick was sure in his saddle and using the brutal weapon, the lance. In close combat, he was also taught that one may lose their main weapon, and that winning a fight isn't always elegant. So short blades and dagger proficiency was also drilled into the youth. All of this was to ensure that Elrick will have the best chance to survive his future battles.

Through the guidance of his knight and the way his own mind worked, he had a different sense of justice. He understood the laws of man, but he also understood that the laws were made by man. Elrick felt that sometimes decisions are to be made depending on the situation, not what has been strictly recorded down as law. This also contributed to him not being especially religious, as he prefers his own thoughts and actions than what others are saying as is.




Trystan de Laverstock
trystan My cousin and the head of the Laverstock household.
Josette de Laverstock
josette My cousin and she is the sister to Sir Trystan.
Lainn de Laverstock
lainn My older brother and a knight of the household. The games we play makes me glad that I was born to this family, however, I know I must always be on my guard. Today it may be Ari's turn, tomorrow can easily be mine.
Arian de Laverstock
arian My younger and only sister, also a knight of the household. Care for her deeply and the source of much amusement, I just hope I am not murdered in my sleep for the latest round of sibling abuse.
Aedan de Laverstock
aedan My younger brother, a knight of the household.
Eirian de Laverstock (nee Burcombe)
eirian To have only admired from afar the exotic beauty and a most charitable heart, it was our Gods that twined our paths together. Forever, my queen and goddess, I will be your champion.

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