Amanda Seyfried
Amanda Seyfried as Eirlys de Willcott
Full Name: Eirlys de Willcott
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Willcott
Class: Lady
Spouse: None Height: 5'0"
Father: Blainnan de Willcott Weight: Slender Build
Mother: Guenece de Willcott nee Pewsy Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Sir Trindham de Willcott (27)
de Willcott (25) (Older Sister)
Sir Morlois de Willcott (24)
Father Garannon (23)
Sir Meleri de Willcott (22)
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Born to Blainnan and Guenece of House Wilcott, Eirlys lived a comfortable life in a family that was well-liked and highly respected. Cherished for her beauty and elegant grace, Eirlys very well may have grown up proud and arrogant and in a way, perhaps she had, but during her youth, no matter how kind or loving her parents treated her, she knew that she did not shine in their eyes the way her eldest brother did. Trindham was the family's pride and joy. He was handsome and charming, valorous and very kind. So kind, in fact, that Eirlys, herself, despite her own rising paranoia resulting from her parent's favoritism towards him, loved her brother fiercely.

When he could, Trindham tried to spend some time with the baby of the family. He knew that there was something dark or heavy within his sister's heart, something which troubled her and made her difficult to please. For all her beauty and the shallow pampering of her family who wished to groom her to become a proper young woman, Trindham could sense that despite all of this, Eirlys was unhappy, disappointed, thus he would do all that he could to get to matter of things and if he failed that, he would at least try to warm her heart. This is was strengthened their sibling bond, for out of all of her family, it was only Trindham who truly seemed to care for her. Or at, the very least, this is how Eirlys perceived things.

For all that she loved Trindham, there was one whom she feared and that was her second brother Morlois. It's not that he ever harmed nor threatened her in any way, but just like the others, Eirlys was not blind to her brother's cruelty or his dark mood. This did not mean that she did not love him the same as she did with the rest of her family and there have been moments where they worked well together, for they both were cunning and ambitious sorts. Often times, the pair would exchange information which they may have learned while at court or through various other means. Perhaps, Morlois would look upon her with high esteem if she proved herself useful, though she was no fool as to believe that he would not snap at her at a moment's notice is his ire ever grew so deep.

When she came of age to become a handmaiden, she was lucky to have been chosen to serve Lady Madlen de Up Avon, the wife of Lord Knight Hwyn. Here, she learned all about being a shining example of what a lady at court should be. Eirlys attended some of the finest events and when her lady felt generous, she was even gifted with expensive hand-me-downs. Not that the young handmaiden would complain, for the fabrics and especially the craftsmanship were often times better than anything she or anyone in her family could ever make or afford.

Now with her own ambitions growing and as she's become of an age for marriage, Eirlys will place her trust in Trindham's hands to find her a suitable and prestigious husband.


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Known Associates

Sir Trindham de Willcott
trindham Trindham is the light of Willcott. Oh how our parents loved him, even at the expense of the rest of us, it would seem. One can hardly blame them, or anyone, for he is handsome and charming with a generous and kind heart. Out of of all of my siblings and family combined, it is Trindham who knows my dreams and desires best of all. Despite how fond he is of his lovely wife, I know deep within my heart that Trindham deserves so much better.
Sir Morlois de Willcott
morlois My dear brother who has gained such a reputation for himself. At times, I feel as if I were tip-toeing on egg shells whenever around him, but I do like his ambition and at times we do tend to work well together, especially in all matters of courtly intrigue.
Father Garannon
garannon The brother whom I barely knew. He was sent away to join the clergy at quite a young age and thus was never there for me when I needed him, or anyone, most. We are like strangers.
Sir Meleri de Willcott
meleri My sister so full of light and laughter. I envy her at time, for how can any one person find so much joy out of life?
Sir Elsane de Willcott
elsane Morlois' wife. She seems cordial and polite enough. I was also hoping that she may temper my dear brother's anger, especially with the birth of their son. Unfortunately, thus far, nothing has changed.

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