Eirian du Burcombe (Retired)
Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer as Eirian de Burcombe
Full Name: Eirian de Burcombe
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Burcombe
Class: Lady
Spouse: Unwed Height: 5'4"
Father: Sir Alwyn (deceased) de Burcombe Weight: Willowy
Mother: Mairwen Hair Color: Dark brown
Siblings: Maelgwyn, Rozenn, Celyn Eye Color: V. pale blue
Children: None



Straight as an ash spear and willowy as a Cymric bow, the young woman burns with far too much energy for someone so slight. A Salisbury rose, her fair complexion and fey delicacy to her facial features come alive whenever her full lips resolve into a crackling smile. Penetrating grey-blue eyes as changeable as the sea reveal her emotions easily beneath delicated arched brows. Dark hair stands as her family calling card, shining mahogany waves shot by umber lowlights. Center parted and styled by an arrangement of delicate braids pulled back from her face, the loose tendrils fall in a romantic tumble almost to her waist.

Unusual about her is the scent to follow her, a concoction of fresh rosewater blended to softer earthy notes in a dusky trail. She wears nothing in the way of jewelry but a wooden cuff carved in endless thorned knotwork.

Distinctive Features

  • Fey Features: Eirian simply looks somewhat otherworldly, a quality of those striking blue eyes and her delicate facial structure. If anyone ever resembled a pagan priestess of the Lake, she falls right into that canon of beauty. She may not have Queen Guenever's spellbinding appearance, but she leaves a memorable impression nonetheless.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Maelgwyn de Burcombe
maelgwyn Older Brother. He has a secret world with Rozenn and Celyn I shan't ever belong to. Remember why you hold the sword.
Rozenn de Burcombe
rozenn Older Sister. Further you walk away from me, the closer we draw together.
Celyn de Burcombe
celyn Younger Brother. Put down the bottle and leave it to me. No wonder Mother locks up the larder.
Caerwyn de Burcombe
caerwyn Cousin. Another twin, the heir, and if I weren't born to Burcombe Manor, I might just swoon over him.
Catryn de Burcombe
catryn Cousin. Secretly on the right path. I fear for her fate.
edwyn Cousin. What's this about you not being a pagan? I suppose we must learn from one another.

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