Played By Evan Rachel Wood
Played By Evan Rachel Wood as Eilla de Idmiston
Full Name: Eilla de Idmiston
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Idmiston
Class: Lady
Spouse: none Height: 5'6"
Father: Folant Weight: 100
Mother: Esyllt Hair Color: Red/blond
Siblings: Older brother, Younger sister, Bradwyn Eye Color: Blue
Children: none

General Details

Born to Folant de Idmiston and his wife Esyllt. Folant is the first cousin of Gwynedd Idmiston, it is from her father that like her brother Bradwyn she inherited the striking blue eyes the Idmiston family is known for. Eilla's mother however was from a tall family and was even tall herself, however Eilla was rather short, the runt of the family as her siblings would call her.
Eilla was the second born but the first daughter of the pair, a few years younger then her older brother. She did have contact with her more distant cousins as well. As kids any time they'd visit Gwynaelle the cousins roughly around the same age though as Eilla grew her career begun to take shape.
Lucky for her - the pagan family did not look down on her skills of brewing, and she spent much of her younger years learning to read and dabble in the making of liquors. Not only would she indulge herself with hanging around the local distilleries she would also be on the boats that shipped them.
Eilla learned much on the rivers and lakes which supplied the trade routes, not really worried about training to be a Lady, life had offered her a wild streak she would become known for. Being the 1st born daughter she was harped upon, as her parents tried only to fail at containing their daughter. They would eventually give up to turn their hopes upon Eilla's younger sister.
Eilla is close to her siblings but she also shirks her duties as a proper lady.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Bradwyn de Idmiston
Bradwyn Brother - So young, so tall and so very quirky. You are so much like me, I can not believe you are to be married.

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