Adriana Lima
Adriana Lima as Eibhlin de Newton
Full Name: Eibhlin de Newton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Newton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Sir Erion (engaged) Height: 5'3"
Father: Sir Gwydyn ap Iago Weight: 105lbs
Mother: Lady Alaw of Newton Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Sir Joachim
Sir Gwion - Dec.
Unnamed Younger Brother
Lady Vesper
Lady Eibhlin
Eye Color: Hazel
Children: Children [none ]


Physical Description
This woman is average height and slim. She doesn't have the muscle of someone trained for combat nor does she dress that way. She wears her hair long in loose in dark brown waves past her waist. Her eyes are bright and expressive over a small nose and wide mouth more prone to smiling than scowling. She wears a red dress with gold buttons up the sleeves. A metal belt clasps about her waist and soft leather slippers protect her feet.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Gwion de Newton (d 514)
gwion My older brother. He was loved by all, I will miss him forever.
Dalan de Newton
dalan Young cousin that my parents took in when we were younger, like a brother to me
Vesper de Newton
vesper Sister, I need you now more then ever
Joachim de Newton
joachim I just lost a brother, and now your betrothed, I am lost at sea, and hope to find myself soon.
Bryn de Newton
bryn Cousin, I do not know you well we need to change this.

Recent Logs

(515-05-02) Church Traffic
Summary: Mass ends and In-laws meet. Date: 515-05-02 Related: None Farmer's...

(515-04-14) April 515 Court
Summary: Robert calls court to discuss the past winter, how certain Houses faired, grant positions...

(515-04-12) Shopping and a More Private Talk
Summary: After meeting in the market and overhearing that they are to marry Erion and Eibhlin shop a...

(515-04-12) Court Shopping
Summary: Several People Shop before the Spring Court Date: April 12, 515 Related: None ...

(515-04-04) Sibling Bonding
Summary: Joachim and Eibhlin finally discuss a good number of things. Date: April 4, 515 ...

(515-04-04) A Meeting in the Forest
Summary: Erion has his second meeting with Eibhlin in the forest and there is shared music and food....

(515-04-02) Spring Pageant - Eibhlin's Performance
Summary: Eibhlin pairs against another famous singer, Aine de Broad Date: April 2, 515 Related:...

(515-04-02) Battle of Wits: Eibhlin vs Nia
Summary: A very close battle of wits by two ladies and followed up by the charm and wit of a certain...

(515-04-01) Unbroken Bonds
Summary: Eibhlin sneaks out to see her older sister, Vesper, and the two bond even further. Date:...

(514-10-01) Newton-Idmiston Wedding Reception
Summary: What it says in the title! Pagans gather to celebrate a wedding, and a Christian priest...

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