Sir Kenneth Branagh
Sir Kenneth Branagh as Sir Dillion de Bishopstone
Full Name: Sir Dillion de Bishopstone
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Bishopstone
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'11"
Father: Sir Alibron de Bishopstone Weight: 185 lbs
Mother: Matide de Bishopstone Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Siblings: Sir Seriol de Bishopstone (elder), Sir Nerys de Bishopstone (elder), Sir Bartimaeus de Bishopstone (elder) Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



Average in height, average in build, average in age, at first look there is little enough to pick this man out of a lineup. Even his dress is, for his station in life, average. Perhaps he's a little better-looking than most, the lines of his face firm, eyes blue but maybe a shade watery, and even then it's hardly the sort of appearance you'd gushingly tell your friends about. The only thing, perhaps, that will mark him out in the crowd is his carriage. He stands -straight-, absolutely ramrod, partially with what will eventually be called military precision, but partially out of sheer self-regard, like he has a job to do and walking like a panther is half of it.

His hair is a dirty blonde, the dark strokes through the straw lending his visage some character. Though messy it's cropped reasonably tight, flowing just past the tops of his ears with a bit of a curl off the back of his neck, a slightly shabby bowl, a youthful style of cut. His face has modest the tan of a man obliged to spend more time outside than others, but when his sleeves push up the pale up his arms shows he isn't exactly a day labouror. Nor do his hands, sturdy and calloused enough, but without the sort of baked-in, almost ancestral dirt of the common peasant. That, too, may help account for that determined strut.

His long-sleeved tunic clings not too tightly, a fine, woad-y indigo. The material is decent enough but far from the best material, and shows a certain amount of wear from long roads, hard slogs, and finite means. Above this, a slightly finer woollen overtunic of white clings to his body, emphasizing the fit contours of his torso. Across the middle of both tunics slings a broad belt of leather, notched and dinged but better than serviceable. From his left hip hangs a modestly-woven scabbard, holding a practical, one-handed arming sword that announces the bearer's status but has, at least occasionally, been used for its original purpose. The chausses over his legs are blue again, though inevitably they show slightly more of the wear of the road. He does, however, take care of his shoes, thick, leather, kept as clean as practical, and well-worn in but not abused.

On the Grid

Known Associates

seriol Elder brother; admired for his fortitude and strength, despite some Baby Brother Syndrome.
nerys Elder sister
bartimaeus Elder brother, a holy man. a potentially-powerful influence on the pious Dillion.

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