Katya Severnaya
Katya Severnaya as Darchelle de Woodborough
Full Name: Darchelle de Woodborough
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Woodborough
Class: Lady
Spouse: None Height: 148 cm
Father: Cadoc de Woodborough Weight: 82 lbs
Mother: Beca de Woodborough nee Roundway Hair Color: Chestnut
Siblings: Twin sister Mari and others Eye Color: Green shades
Children: None


Living along a river, the mountains and the forest, Darchelle never was lacking in entertainment. Spending time in any of the three places was something she found she adored. The mountains were considered dangerous from her family, as were the forest and the river, but nothing could keep the growing girl away.

As a young girl, she ventured off with her older or younger brothers and the twin sister Mari, off to the forest to find mischief, climb trees, avoid the rain. The hot summer months were spent swimming and the winter was spent mostly at the manor. The mountains were a call to her though, the majestic beauty, and so when her family would make their rounds to visit family in Roundway, where her mother was from, she and her siblings would go exploring.

Eventually, Mari decided to be a knight and she squired in Roundway, with mother's family, grandfather, a well known and notable knight from there, Sir Derec de Roundway. He taught Mari, trained her and until she was knighted and returned home. These years were the most stressing to Darchelle. She was really attached to her twin sister and it looked as if the time stopped without Mari. Darchelle herself was too fragile to use heavy swords or axes, or spears, lances. So, it was decided by the Gods, that she will never be a knight.

So, Darchelle decided to improve her knowledge in Chirurgery instead, in order to be able to follow her knight sister in battles. Maybe some people do not believe in tight attachment of twins, but that was what Darchelle felt. She honestly believed that even each time Mari was hurt, Elle felt it. The young redhead lady was a quick lerner and made proud not just her mother, but the local healers, who shared their knowledge with the girl.

Because she had a good time management, Elle found time to improve some of the hobbies and one of the most important ones was hunting. Another one was talking to the people, and the third one was following mother at first, and oldest brother Hydd's wife Sarah later, who were responsible for family's treasury. Elle always loved numbers and she saw mother and Sarah as a perfect ladies to whom she would love to be similar, when she will grow up.


When I was 10 years old I always needed to be told
That I should not be frightened by the fact that we grow old
But as the days slipped by I felt the pressing need to cry
And I quickly understood exactly why they'd had to lie

In the daylight I could cope, because the sun seemed full of hope
I laughed enough for two grown men and learnt I could tell jokes
But sadness has a subtle face and then it came to gloat
We heard about the girl and boy hung by their skipping rope

Isn't it too hard to conceive
Doesn't it bring you to your knees?
And all I want to do
is to float with the river so free.

«Kyla La Grange - The River»


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We all learn to make mistakes
And run from them, from them
With no direction
We'll run from them, from them
With no conviction

'Cause I'm just one of those ghosts
Travelin' endlessly
Don't need no roads
In fact, they follow me
And we just go in circles

And now I'm told that this is life
That pain is just a simple compromise
So we can get what we want out of it

Would someone care to classify?

«Paramore - Misguided Ghosts»

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