Played By: Rory McCann
Played By: Rory McCann as Sir Dalan de Newton
Full Name: Sir Dalan de Newton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Newton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 19 hands
Father: Sir Davan ap Iago Weight: 16 stones
Mother: Sister Mary Constance Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: None Eye Color: Darker Brown
Children: None


Someday when bards sing tales of the days of Arthur, there is one name that is very likely to be forgotten, Dalan de Newton. Son Sir Davan ap Iago, a brother to Sir Gwyndyn ap Iago, the current lord of the Manor of Newton. Dalan only has other’s stories of his father to subsist on. By all accounts he was a loyal vassal Earl of Salisbury, but saw battle with King Ambrosius Aurelius and King Uther after him in the wars against Vortigern. He met his end fighting for Uther against Tintagel as part of the levy of knights Earl Roderick was called to send.

As such, Dalan was raised largely by Sir Gwyndyn alongside his own large stable of heirs. A big, awkward and homely child, he was usually a bit of an outsider. He was very quick to do whatever the other children asked to win their approval, and it quickly became a fun game to see just what they could convince the burly lad to do. When it got to be frustrating he’d hide in the hawking coup, tending and making up stories, songs and poems for the Falcon’s. They never judged him or convinced him to do anything dangerous.

Ironically it was his Roman Catholic faith that helped him come to terms with his trusting nature, Inspired by the stories of the priest he came to believe that his trusting nature was infact an extension of being forgiving. Everyone deserves another chance, and as he grew to age to become a squire, and sometimes, even when he knew someone was likely to take advantage of them, he Trusted them, and hoped they would do the right thing, just as God trusted him to choose to do the right thing.

He’s grown into a huge, mountain of a man, and though he never lost his awkward clumsiness, his size and strength have made him someone that Earl Robert was happy to add to his stable of knights. In the early days of Arthur’s reign, what kind of misadventures might this well meaning lumox of a man find? Time will only tell.


Dalan is a positively, huge Cymric man, standing an easy head taller most. Not only is he tall, but he is also solid, with a thick, powerful build and a lumbering gait. It is fortunate that he is big because, God knows he is not a pretty man. Big ears and a small chin, draw his face in odd lines, that make him seem completely harmless in contrast with his otherwise intimidating frame. A crooked, oft broken nose, that might otherwise make him seem rugged and manly only seems to accent this simpleness. His dark hair is cut short, and his dark eyes always seem a bit distant, and thought his beard and moustache are neatly groomed, that it seems to grow uneven and a bit patchy does practically nothing to make his jaw look more square. He is by no means repulsive, but he is someone that people find themselves instinctively talking just a bit slower too.

Distinctive Features

  • Big, Dopey Ears - Dalan’s ears are a big, stick out from his head, and, coupled with his small chin, gives him a dopey and completely unthreatening face. Even his crooked and broken nose doesn’t ‘toughen’ a face that is absent of the rugged and rough charm that is general considered attractive in this era.
  • Lumox - Dalan is a big guy, we are talking Saxon big here, but while he is big and clearly very powerful, his build is thick and he lumbers and moves without an ounce of grace to him. Ever the proverbial bull in the china shop, he’s been called ‘Lumox’ so much that people that don’t know him wonder if it’s his proper name.

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