None as Dai of The Stones
Full Name: Dai of The Stones
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Newton Tony
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse N/A Height: Height Tall
Father: Father Gerralt de Newton Tony Weight: Weight Athletic
Mother: Mother Guindlyn Hair Color: Hair Color Black
Siblings: Siblings Seraphina, Glaw Eye Color: Eye Color Hazel
Children: Children A few unclaimed


Though the house of Newton Tony had babe on the way, what was not seen was Gerralt’s error. Beltaine was approaching and being a good pagan he attended, taking the honor of portraying Lugh during the fight tween the shining God and Gwynn ap Nudd. And fought he did, he bested Gwynn and took the May Queen, to her bower and the ritual was consummated.

The result, some nine months later, was one Guindlyn of the stones, a notorious pagan priestess would find her self whelped. She would come and drop off the babe as soon as he was old enough to be abandoned. He was set to the wetnurse under Gerralt’s employ for Seraphina his sister from some months elder. Gerralt was proud of the lusty looking baby boy, and embarrassed at his folly all the same. Needless to say his lady wife was none too pleased.

He was raised surprisingly in the house alongside his half siblings though his adoptive mother took care to make sure the boy was aware of his bastardy and what a stain it was on the household. His father on the hand loved the boy with no reservation and called him Dai as his birthmother wished and in reference to

Dai was raised pagan though his own unique family status gave him a love and appreciation of the White God’s Christmas and Easter, enjoying those customs alongside Yule and Beltaine. As a lad he was sent to live out part of his life with Guin and inhabit the Stones a bit with her, though Gerralt would eventually have enough of this and bring the boy back for a proper education in the knightly arts and pursuits. He was thankfully squired away from Newton Tony, by one of Robert’s household knights’ (a cousin) and knighted at age 18 after proving his mettle and valour in the field of battle. He earned himself his harness.

A knight of the romantic sense (likely influenced by his mother) Dai is as all pagan men, a breaker of hearts and leaver of bastards with common maids-though amongst his house he is known to be loyal and true. A bastard? Aye, but one that will give all for kith and ken.



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