Bruno Werneck
Bruno Werneck as Sir Cynrain de Durnford
Full Name: Sir Cynrain de Durnford
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Durnford
Class: Knight
Spouse: catryn Height: 68"
Father: Owain Weight: 155 lbs
Mother: Dwynwen Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: selivant, nalia Eye Color: Green
Children: None



Cynrain, was born to the Durnford family. His father, Owain, the Lord of the Manor and Knight Vassal, invested more of his time onto the first born for obvious reason. Someday, the first born will have to take ownership of the Manor. Cynrain, spent much of his spare time in youth with his mother Dwynwen. She, the Lady of the House, saw to it that he learned Courtesy, Dancing, Singing and the proper etiquette of Romance. Once he was of age to squire, he did so under the Knight Dafydd, a Knight Bachelor who served the Manor. At age 21, he took his oath of Knighthood. Without the responsibility of maintaining his father's Manor, he seeks Glory and Fame so that he may at least honor his family.


Famous Trait - Forgiving
Second Son of Owain de Durnford

You see a man in his early twenties. He stands at about 5'8 and looks to weigh around a hundred and fifty five pounds, with short brown hair. His flesh shows a healthy tan. Gentle green eyes stare past his lightly pointed nose, though they always appear to hold a soft melancholy within their depths. His lips have a fullness to them which seem to curve slightly upwards in a confident smirk. His face shows the hint of a five o'clock shadow and his facial features are slightly rugged. His eyes have a striking wideness to them, an intensity that appears to always be calculating the situation before him, the look of a person who has seen combat. His body is athletically built; muscles are cut in all the right places.

When he walks, his gait hints at confidence and energy. There is a certain practiced grace in his steps as though he had trained in some form of dance before taking up a weapon. He can, at times, be soft spoken with a voice that is not unpleasant to the ears of those who may appreciate music. Some may think him a bard of sorts. The left side of his brow is marked with a scar which looks relatively old, but appears to be a combat wound of some sort, perhaps a sword or arrow wound.

He is outfitted in layers of clothing. The first layer consists of simple clothing. Dark green leggings can be seen disappearing into brown shoes. Brown padding wraps around his calves. The shoes themselves are a simplistic design. Affixed to his upper body is a loose fitting tunic. The cloth is of a dark green color. Over top the tunic is a shirt of chain armor. Overall of the ensemble is a green tabard with yellow lining. The center of the tabard shows a crest. The center of the crest is a sword pointing downwards, a crescent moon with both tips pointed upwards is placed halfway down the blade. The upper right hand corner is an image of a tree with no leaves while the lower left hand corner is a fully blossomed tree. The colors of the crest are green and yellow. A bright yellow sash wraps around his lower torso, hiding the belt beneath and dividing the top of his tabard from the bottom. A long sword is sheathed on his left side. A cloak of sunburst yellow falls loosely around him. It is clasped near the neck. His hands are currently wearing a pair of dark brown gloves.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Catryn de Burcombe
catryn My beloved wife, it matters not what perils we may face.. we will face them together.
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