Tom Hopper
Tom Hopper as Cyndeyrn
Full Name: Cyndeyrn
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Dinton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Betrothed to Seren de Woodford Height: Height
Father: Cynfarch ap Cynfael Weight: Weight
Mother: Elidis de Dinton (nee Newton) Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: Lysanor (Sister)
Younger Brother (Appable 515)
Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: None


Cyndeyrn ap Cynfarch, eldest son of the lord of Dinton was born early in the year 492 (very likely, he was conceived in celebration of his father's safe return from the Battle of Terrabil the year prior!). A large and healthy boy even at that tender age, he was never a troublesome babe, crying little nor throwing tantrums, quite placid in his temperament. This would prove a blessing as the birth of a baby girl would follow his own almost as quickly as nature would allow. Cyndeyrn proved immediately taken with his angelic little sister, Lysanor, and given his seemingly gentle nature, would never cause her any harm amidst their youthful play, despite being quite the larger child.

Of course, once he was beyond infancy and still growing like a sprout, Cyndeyrn naturally graduated to playmates of a like kind and gender. Among them were Bryce of nearby Baverstock and his cousins Caerdin (child of his father's sister) and Gwion (son of his mother's brother), hailing from Broughton and Newton respectively. Caerdin, who would fill the hall with laughter on every visit, was every bit the loud and outwardly happy child that he was not. This is not to say that Cyndeyrn was a moping sort, but that in general he was of a more even and measured sort of temperament, observing more than instigating, and indeed breaking up fights rather than starting them. Once he was old enough to begin exploring beyond the safety of their hall, Cyndeyrn also discovered a great fondness for their natural surroundings. He enjoyed wandering the forest with his friends, looking for animal trails or hidden secrets, and loved to swim in the nearby river. While every knight would say they loved their home, their manor, the land held safe for their own Lord, Cyndeyrn loved the very dirt, water and trees.

Growing into a strapping adolescent, Cyndeyrn was well-suited to the squire's life when he finally came of age for it. He would be sent to serve Sir Darren de Wylye, a northern neighbor to the Dintons and friend of his father. Sir Darren was not hesitant to work the 'sturdy' lad hard, which the young man accepted dutifully, and taught him stern lessons on knightly duty, law, obligation and honor. While as a boy he had learned the virtues of a Christian man from some old priest in their village, Sir Darren made the lessons real. He would be at his master's side for the Liberation of Somerset, the Battle of Netley Marsh and then finally at Carlion. There, Sir Darren suffered a grievous wound, and while Cyndeyrn bore him, armor and all, from the line back into camp, his master was with the Lord before nightfall. Although no blame was placed upon the young squire - indeed some praised him when he stumbled back into camp covered in grime and blood and bearing the older man, Cyndeyrn was deeply affected by what was in his mind a great failure. Returning to Wylye to deliver the news, could barely face Sir Darren's son Rowan, and swiftly returned to his own household.

Following this, his father arranged for him to serve as a second squire, alongside his youthful friend Bryce, who had been with his father while Cyndeyrn was away, and they served together in the Battles at Terrabil. When he was finally knighted - Cyndeyrn of course assumed the delay was due to his failings as much as any financial concern - the young man was left to prove himself worthy not just of his family but of his former master. In that sense, as much as his chivalrous virtues have been publicly attested in ceremony and law, he feels driven to prove them… although this strict, unwavering devotion to the 'harder' edge of the knightly code, to justice, valor, service - conflicts with what is inwardly a gentler nature.


A strapping young man not much beyond the age of initiation into knighthood, his figure is most notable on the whole for it's impressive stature. He is tall of back and long of leg, broad shouldered, and thickly-armed, all the makings of a powerful warrior once seasoned beyond his obvious youth. With strawberry blond hair cropped down short, nearly to the scalp and likely for the ease of a worn helm, his face is very plainly visible, and itself sort of equally plain: with his distinctly square jaw, it has an overall flatly rectangular shape and little else distinctive, his nose straight and his eyes blue, though his ears may look a little large as well in the absence of any hair to hide within, and his visage more oafish than regal.

Fully armed and armored, the youth's towering form gains a bit more in mass, the many layers that make up proper battle dress adding bulk to an already broad form. Thick trousers and tunic are the lowest of these, in simple brown, but are largely concealed by those above. The main under-layer is a long thickly-padded tunic, its quilted checkers done in blue and red, the colors of his house. Over it is the mail hauberk, the heavy metal links offering a greater level of protection that extends down his arms and to nearly his knees. Belt and gloves are a dark leather, while his gauntlets are separate mail pieces with small reinforcing plates. At his hip hangs any knight's pride, a typical but sturdy-made arming sword, and his shield, born on back or carried, is again quartered red and blue with a gold cross acting as division. Over this, a second shield - an ineschuton - in red again, upon it set a golden dragon rampant.

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