Hafthor Bjornsson
Hafthor Bjornsson as Custennin de Falt
Full Name: Custennin de Falt
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Falt
Class: Knight
Spouse: Myfanwy (nee Cholderton) Height: 6'6"
Father: Rhun de Falt Weight: 225lb
Mother: Rhiannon Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Several, including Leodwen and Tegan Eye Color: Brown
Children: Eirian de Falt


For the past few generations, Custennin's family has maintained an unfortunate tradition: namely, that of the heir losing his father to an untimely death while still very young. Having been all of twelve years old when his own father died, Custennin was positively grown up compared to the experiences of either his sire or grandsire.

Consequently, for 23 of the 50 years for which Falt has been in the family's care, the lord of the manor has been either a child or a squire. From 505 to 514AD, this under-age lord was Custennin. Raised by his mother and the (illegitimate) uncle assigned as regent of Falt, he was educated to serve as both a warrior of the Cymri and a defender of what remains of Roman ideals in the isles.

Thus, even though he might on first sight be taken for an uncultured thug, he has not only been formally trained in rhetoric but is also literate, and owns a small library of classic texts from the fallen Empire. To this, he has in recent years added a certain degree of competence in the art of formal romance, as he sought - with eventual success - to persuade House de Cholderton to plight one of their daughters to him.

Less happily, he came close to joining his forefathers in a premature death: at the age of 15, while serving as squire to his uncle-and-regent Sir Cadogan de Falt, he was involved in a minor skirmish with Saxon raiders. Already larger than many full-grown warriors, he was targeted by an enemy axeman of far greater experience. The injuries he suffered have left him scarred and even more homely than before, while stoking his intense personal dislike for the barbarians.


A huge brute of a man: scarred, balding, and generally wearing a pugnacious expression, he tends to loom over his fellow Cymri. Very much aware that to be called 'plain' would be a kindness, he is rarely at ease around strangers - and the resulting scowl tends to make him all the more fearsomely off-putting.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Myfanwy de Cholderton (now de Falt)
myfanwy Now my wife! Partly as a result of our mothers' shared desire to build alliances, and in no small part due to Eirian's tutelage, I have somehow persuaded both Myfanway and her family to accept my suit. Somehow, for some reason, she seems genuinely happy. Maintaining that has become one of my most important goals.
Drustan de Falt
drustan The heir to the man who can never be heir; the eldest son of my mentor and guardian; fortunately, also a trusted ally and friend. Also quite possibly rather wiser and more sensible than myself: for example, where I pursue the romantic gesture of obtaining wedding rings from the High King and his new Queen, Drustan brings home a herd of cattle to the manor.
Leodwen de Falt
leodwen The eldest of our generation, but still far too young to have already become a widow. Both kind and competent, I feel that she deserves more than to be peddled in the marriage market to a stranger - but comparatively poor and decidedly junior houses have few options.
Tegan de Falt
tegan Not so dear to me as Leodwen, but a trusted friend - and, thinking as head of house, a key diplomatic link via her marriage to Bodenham.

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