Ruslana Korshunova
Ruslana Korshunova as Cordelia de Pitton
Full Name: Cordelia de Pitton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Pitton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Unwed Height: 5'3"
Father: Sir Withell Hywel de Pitton Weight: 100 lbs.
Mother: Teleri Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Merryn, 1 other (older) Eye Color: Green
Children: None


Cordelia is the youngest child of three born of Sir Withell de Pitton and his wife Lady Teleri.

As a young woman born to a house where men seemingly died young and often, her mother made sure her daughter was taught to be a proper lady and efficient stewardess, in hope her daughter would some day make a good wife to an heir of another manor. Cordelia was ambivalent towards this plan, enjoying her independence but wishing to be an asset to her family and please her mother, but ultimately excelled in her studies and kept the manor running alongside her mother and aunt. She became particularly good at coaxing people to do what she wanted them to do, whether through flattery or veiled (and sometimes not-so-veiled) threats, sometimes diffusing quarrels between older family members before they truly began. It helped her voice itself carried well; she learned to sing with little instruction - a brassy soprano fit for the opera, if there ever was one. She blossomed into a confident and graceful young woman, one both her father and mother could be proud of.

That is not to suggest her upbringing was entirely typical of a young lady! She possessed a streak of curiosity which led her to strange places and strange people. Cordelia discovered she had talent shooting a bow when she befriended a pagan peasant boy who often practiced archery in his family's yard. Her eyes were sharp, her aim steady, and it helped develop her arm strength. Sadly, her friend passed away due to illness over a particularly harsh winter, and she kept his treasured bow as a way to keep his memory close. Her mother was less than thrilled when she finally discovered her daughter's new hobby - what good does a bow do for a lady? - but eventually gave up her protestations when it became apparent they were falling on deaf ears. She still practices regularly, when she has time to spare.

As she enters her adulthood, Cordelia is increasingly restless, eager to get out of the world and explore it while she still can.



Cordelia is a young woman of fair complexion and impressively long blonde hair. When not braided or pinned up, it gently cascades down her back and reaches to her knees. Her heart-shaped face and high cheekbones accentuate intelligent sea green eyes set above a softly pointed nose. Her height is average, but her long limbs and straight posture makes her appear taller than she really is.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Aluksander de Pitton
aluksander Cousin. TBD.
Sir Merryn de Pitton
merryn Older brother. TBD.

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