Catryn (retired)
Katie McGrath
Katie McGrath as Catryn de Durnford nee Burcombe
Full Name: Catryn de Durnford nee Burcombe
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Burcombe
Class: Knight
Spouse: Cynrain de Durnford Height: 5'2"
Father: Sir Roaman de Burcombe Weight: 112
Mother: Lady Aelian de Burcombe (nee -tbd) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Caerwyn, Edwyn. Rickard, Morag Eye Color: Green
Children: No children


In the night, I hear 'em talk

The coldest story ever told

Somewhere far along this road he lost his soul

to a woman so heartless.

Heartless - Kanye West


  • Famous: Merciless/Cruel
  • Protective of her family.
  • Squire: Anais (Annie)
  • Winter, according to her family.
  • Wedding Tournament Melee: Defeats Sir Edryd with Sir Bryce Baverstock, Sir Edryd Held for Ransom. Melee Round 3
  • Having suffered a major wound to the shoulder in Marlboro when a group of knights were rescuing a man from vigilante justice, she has a scar and will always likely have stiffness to that shoulder.
  • Again, wounded badly near Littleworth she came close to death, within a breath away. The wound was below her shoulder, right side, more towards her back, and she is having trouble even moving until fully healed.
  • Never leave them alive - is her motto.
  • Married Cynrain de Durnford Summer 514.

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I always thought violence didn't solve anything…

Until one day it did.

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