Lady Catriona de Baverstock
Claire Foy
Claire Foy as Lady Catriona de Baverstock
Full Name: Lady Catriona de Baverstock
Age: 21
Culture: Cymeric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Baverstock
Class: Lady
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'4"
Father: Lorcan de Baverstock Weight: 110lbs
Mother: Regan de Baverstock Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Sir Martyn de Baverstock
Lady Syndra de Baverstock
Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Catriona is a younger daughter to Lorcan de Baverstock, the Uncle to the current Lord, Bryce de Baverstock. Lorcan is also the Seward for the Baverstock household and adviser for the current Lord. Catriona grew up to be an exceedingly intelligent and literate girl, serving almost as an aid to her father in his work managing the Baverstock estates, and helping the Lord's aged mother, Meredith de Baverstock, run the household. Her talents are well-suited to this work, for despite her young age, the girl is known for her attention to detail, fastidiousness, and organization.

Catriona de Baverstock is a very neat woman, and while she does not have the striking beauty of her sister, Lady Syndra de Baverstock, Catriona is pretty in her own way. Above all other traits, however, Catriona is known for her fortitude in service of her familial interests.

Despite carrying on the Baverstock trait for seriousness, Catriona is a young girl at heart and is particularly fond of riding and dancing. Her intelligence leaks out in conversation through sassy or teasing remarks, although she is careful only to allow that side of her to show to people she likes.


This young woman is in hear early 20s, her oval face still youthful and fresh with a smattering of freckles like little raindrops across her cheeks. Her thick wavy hair is long and a rich chestnut brown in color, which is normally braided over one shoulder or left down. Perhaps most startling in her features are her bright blue eyes. She is slender and petite, perhaps a little small, but her limbs and body are well-formed and she has a healthy, womanly shape.

Despite all this, however, some might consider her plain, though most would say she is at least pretty. But no one will mark her as a great beauty in poems her songs. What cannot be denied, however, is her presence and grace. This woman, while not giving any appearance of vanity, is clean and extremely well-kept. Her hair is almost always brushed neatly, her clothes rairly show stain or wrinkle. Her fastidiousness shines through in her appearance, and she carries herself with confidence. In her wake there is often a lingering scent of bergemont.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Bryce de Baverstock
bryce Head of Household, Cousin. He has taken on new responsibilities as the head of this great household, and I must remember that we are no longer all children together. Just as he must take on his new role and remember it, so too must I.
Sir Landon de Baverstock
landon Cousin squired to my father. We're the same age, and we came up together. He helped teach me to use a dagger, I helped him with his writing. His fascination for boats still baffles me.
Sir Martyn de Baverstock
martyn Older Brother. I believe he fears the growing changes in me just as I fear them in Bryce. But there is comfort in him like no other, and while he has his own serious secrets that he keeps from me I look to him as an example of happiness in the world.
Lady Syndra de Baverstock
syndra Older Sister

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