Ian Somerhalder
Ian Somerhalder as Caerwyn de Burcombe
Full Name: Caerwyn de Burcombe
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Burcombe
Class: Knight
Spouse: Notoriously Single Height: 5'9"
Father: Roaman "the Dark" de Burcombe Weight: 145 lbs
Mother: Aelian of Salisbury Hair Color: Jet Black
Siblings: Catryn, Twin Sister; Edwyn, Younger Brother Eye Color: Emerald Green
Children: None.



On the Grid

Known Associates

Catryn de Burcombe
catryn Twin sister. Sweet sister, lovely sister, TERRIFYING sister. They couldn't be closer, but Catryn's cruelty cuts family just as much, and Caerwyn bears her a healthy respect (fear?).
Edwyn de Burcombe
edwyn Younger brother. Always a bit of a prude, with a stick up his arse, Edwyn and Caerwyn are constantly jibing each other.
Father Daveth
daveth Priest and new subject. The man promised Caerwyn more trade and gold in his coffers (the dividends of Faith!) in exchange for the right to build a church and practice the true Faith. Why not?

Recent Logs

(514-08-17) Hoping For Happiness
Summary: At the annual summer berry picking, Caerwyn struggles, Creirwy contemplates, and Morag...

(514-08-03) Welcome to the Family
Summary: Rickard and Morag try to retrieve Caerwyn, and wind up meeting someone unexpected. Date:...

(514-06-20) Trouble in Sarum 1 Part 2
Summary: The aftermath of Battle Date: 514-06-20 Related: This is the 2nd part of Trouble in...

(514-06-20) Trouble in Sarum 1
Summary: Saxons invade Sarum! More than one person dies Date: 06-20-514 Related: Read More in...

(514-06-15) A Bard comes to Burcombe
Summary: Iolo the bard is traveling the roads and stops in at Burcombe, meeting a gaggle of nobles,...

(514-06-06) Invasion of the Burcombe Family
Summary: Caerdin, Heulwen and Caerwen are having a nice time of it until more Burcombes arrive, as...

(514-06-06) Buckholt Battle
Summary: Saxons raid Buckholt and knights on patrol help defend! Date: 06*06*514 Related: None...

(514-05-20) More Challenges
Summary: Several rounds of personal challenges and questions of honor fly around the yards. Date:...

(514-05-20) Baverstock and Burcombe
Summary: The challenges of Bryce versus Landon, Caerwyn versus Catryn and Landon versus Catryn. ...

(514-05-19) Caerwyn Joust
Summary: Caerwyn's jousts against the bloody Samson. Date: 514-05-19 Related: none ...

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