Sam Claflin
Sam Claflin as Caerdin de Broughton
Full Name: Caerdin de Broughton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Broughton
Class: Knight
Spouse: None Height: Height
Father: Harren de Broughton Weight: Weight
Mother: Enid de Broughton (nee Dinton) Hair Color: Hair Color
Siblings: 2 Older Sisters, Ladies Eye Color: Eye Color
Children: None


Caerdin was born in 493AD at Broughton Manor, the third child and first son of Sir Harren of Broughton and his wife Enid. His childhood was a happy one, spent playing with his sisters and swimming in the nearby Test River. He was also close to his cousins on his mother's side, Lysanor and Cyndeyrn. Cheerful and uncomplicated, he was particularly enamored of his father. Only one thing has marred their relationship. Though his father's family had long been pagan, his mother Enid, the sister to Sir Cynfarch of Dinton, was devoutly British Christian, and she raised her children to be Christian as well. This is, perhaps, the reason that, when Caerdin turned ten, he was sent to be a ward and page at Idmiston, under the care of Sir Gwynedd, a pagan knight.

Interestingly, it was another page in Sir Gwynedd's household, Glaw, who questioned Caerdin's faith most stringently. Though he would poke holes in Caerdin's religious beliefs, Caerdin, affable and undaunted, would simply fall back on that most basic of Christian tenets: faith. Eventually the boys moved on to other topics and found they had a number of things in common, flirtation with women being one of them. They enjoyed a kind of brotherly competition. The other two people around his age were Gwynedd's daughter, Gwynaelle, and her youngest brother. Gwynaelle was a bit of a tom boy, which was both unusual and somewhat appealing to Caerdin, whose sisters were only interested in traditionally feminine activities. The four of them were good friends, and got into trouble with one another from time to time. It was an idyllic time until plague came to Idmiston in 506 when Caerdin was 14. Gwynaelle's youngest brother died of it.

Shortly after that, Caerdin was recalled home. In addition to concerns about his health, it was time for him to squire, and he was given a position with his uncle, his father's brother. His uncle was, as the young man learned, not particularly virtuous, and though much of his time as squire was unpleasant as a result, it solidified in his mind the kind of knight he did not want to become. Under his uncle, Caerdin was involved in the battles at Netley Marsh, Carlion, and Terrabil, both morning and afternoon. In the afternoon battle, he took a blade intended for his uncle, and proudly bears the scar on his left arm to this day. He also accompanied his uncle to the First Tournament in 510. Even though the proceedings were interrupted by Arthur pulling the sword from the stone, the tournament was a mind-blowing experience for Caerdin. The pageantry and wonder of it all kindled in him a desire to make a name for himself as a jousting knight someday, and he began to train harder than ever in the use of the lance.

Finally, at the end of 513, he received the call from Earl Robert. Caerdin was to be knighted. His family travelled to Sarum where he joined other squires in the ceremony. Now, a newly named knight, he is ready to uphold the ideals of chivalry, to protect the defenseless, and to chastise the wicked. He is prepared to serve both his lord and his king and to give his blood for the kingdom and for glory.


Unruly carmel-colored hair caps this young man's head in a perpetual state of disarray, curling about his ears before falling in a tumble to his shoulders. His eyes are large, a mossy green, and prone to narrowing when he smiles. They are set above strongly accented cheekbones and below full brows. An ever-so-slightly off-center nose points the way down to his generous mouth and strong chin.

Tall and solidly built, he appears to be in his early twenties, with broad shoulders and the solid musculature that comes from regular exercise. His clothing is simple, yet well-made and clean. A woolen tunic of dark brown, belted at the waist with a thick stip of leather provides some protection from the dipping temperatures as winter approaches. at the neck, the faint edge of a softer cotton under-tunic can be seen. Woolen leggings hug his legs before descending into a pair of sturdy leather boots.

A sword hangs in a scabbard on the belt at his waist.

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