Bradley James
Bradley James as Brynmor de Steeple Langford
Full Name: Brynmor de Steeple Langford
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Steeple Langford
Class: Knight
Spouse: None Height: 5'7"
Father: Galwain de Steeple Langford Weight: 140
Mother: A lovely Burcombe Lady Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: Rose (Sister) Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Brynmor was born to the ruling Lord of Steeple Langford's brother, Galwain. His father was a dutiful knight, gruff at times, and he held high expectations on valor and chivalry when it came not only to his own sons but the family as a whole. Galwain's aim was to train his sons and kinsmen to grow to be courageous and bring honor and glory to their family. This was fine, if not for the fact that at a very early age, Brynmor had no desire to be a knight. It's not that he despised the fighting (well, in part it was this) or the pageantry that went along with being a knight, Brynmor did enjoy the attention it brought him, especially when this attention came from the ladies. In fact, it was this pageantry and this glory that he enjoyed the most out of knighthood. It was the hard work and training that Brynmor despised most.

Truth be told, Brynmor would rather spend the entire day sleeping than doing anything else. During his training exercises, he can often times be caught napping in a variety of different places, mostly hidden from view to give him just that extra minute or two of shut eye before his family, his friends and especially his Knight (actually, more especially his father) find and drag him back into practice, or training or whichever knightly lessons or duties or tasks there are for him to do that day. It's not that Brynmor is a coward, even if he does find it smarter to sometimes not engage the enemy so quickly without planning ahead. If he must, Brynmor will ride out to fight alongside his brothers and friends, even though he might complain about the whole ordeal during the entirety of the trip, even if just in hushed tones to those nearest him.

The one person who seemed to understand him or accepted him was his mother. She was a lovely, gentle woman who would always try to protect Brynmor from her husband's pushiness in molding him into something that her son obviously didn't want to be. Thus, it was her death that fills Brynmor with regret. If there was only something that he could do to save her. If there were anything worth fighting for, it would be for the memory of his mother. This in turn is why Brynmor is rather protective of his younger sister, Rose, for she reminds him most of their mother, even is she originally had thoughts of becoming a knight, something which Brynmor himself could do without!

Eventually, Galwain would come to marry his fallen brother's widow, making life at Steeple Langford somewhat strange with their cousins now becoming their siblings, in part. Moving into the main hall was definitely a small step up from their more humble abode. Brynmor likes his cousins all the same and will gladly stand by them in times of peace and war… if they would only stop bothering him when he was trying to sleep.



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