Rebecca Ferguson
Rebecca Ferguson as Bryn de Idmiston
Full Name: Bryn de Idmiston
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Idmiston
Class: Lady
Spouse: Sir Talfryn de Idmiston Height: 5'1"
Father: Sir Davan ap Iago Weight: 106 lbs
Mother: Sister Mary Constance Hair Color: Strawberry Blonde
Siblings: Sir Dalan de Newton Eye Color: Blue
Children: None



Her strawberry hair is always very carefully taken care up, left loong, and loosely pulled back into a low ponytail most of the time. Her oval face is delicate, skin pale in the way someone who spends very little time outdoors is pale, as are her eyes. In fact, everything about her seems to be pale, almost washed out. There's intelligence behind those pale blue eyes, however, and she's quick to smile.

Her clothes are simple, a soft blue over an even paler white-blue undertunic. The belt around her waist is wide, carefully woven of darker blue cords instead of being made as a solid sash.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Talfryn de Idmiston
talfryn While the marriage was arranged there seems to be actual feelings between the two.
Dalan de Newton
dalan Wonderful older brother.
Joachim de Newton
joachim Dearest cousin that is the new heir, although under very sad circumstances.
Lydia de Newton
lydia Joachim's wife, and a wonderful woman.

Recent Logs

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(514-10-10) Three Little Words
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(514-10-08) Onward to Idmiston
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(514-10-08) Now in Idmiston
Summary: Talfryn helps Bryn get settled into life in Idmiston. The pair bond...

(514-10-07) Deals and Dowries
Summary: The match is made between Newton and Idmiston- some talks on Dowry begin. Talfryn, Bryn,...

(514-10-05) Fishing for a New Match
Summary: Joachim and Talfryn go fishing, discuss Vesper, and decide on a new way to approach...

(514-10-01) Newton-Idmiston Wedding Reception
Summary: What it says in the title! Pagans gather to celebrate a wedding, and a Christian priest...

(514-09-30) Four Ladies and a Heir
Summary: The newly married Lady Enfys and her cousin come calling on her sister, Lady Lydia and to...

(514-09-28) Laundry and Broken Betrothals
Summary: Bryn and Joachim discuss her broken betrothal - Vesper makes a scene. Date: 09-28-514 ...

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