Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell as Bryce de Baverstock
Full Name: Bryce de Baverstock
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Baverstock
Class: Knight
Spouse: Lysanor de Baverstock, née Dinton Height: 5'6"
Father: Nyles de Baverstock Weight: tbd
Mother: Meredith de Baverstock, née ??? Hair Color: Dark brown, almost black
Siblings: Landon Eye Color: dark brown
Children: None


Bryce was born on January 4th in the year 492, as the first son of Sir Nyles de Baverstock, and his wife, Lady Meredith. His father then was often absent, during the Internecine War against the Saxons. Being six years old, Bryce was at home, receiving news from the various battles with awe and an eagerness that would very much anticipate his own endeavours as a squire, when he was finally ready to start his training to become a knight, in the year 507. Even if Sir Nyles had found an untimely end during the Siege of London, just four years prior, the road for Bryce and his younger brother Landon had already been set. With only one and a half year apart in age, there has always been that slight competitiveness as to excel in battle as well as in tournaments. Both of them squired, both of them were knighted, with Bryce's own knighting occurring slightly before that of his brother.

With Bryce's uncle Sir Lorcan taking over the affairs of Baverstock Manor after Sir Nyles' demise, it was decided Bryce should squire with their neighbours at Dinton Manor. Sir Cynfarch, a close friend of his father, was the one who in fact offered to train Bryce to be a knight, a chance the young lad eagerly accepted.

The following years were mostly spent at Dinton, but due to the fact of them being neighbours to Baverstock, Bryce kept in touch with his own family. Even so, Bryce still entertains almost familial relations to those of Dinton, especially to Cynfarch's son Cyndeyrn who is of the same age as Bryce, and of a similar more serious disposition that had the two of them get along quite well with each other from the start.

Even if Bryce's ambitions at first seemed to be more focused on swordplay, to avenge his father's death at the hands of the Saxons, he showed an affinity to jousting from early on. After managing a number of good showings in smaller squire tilts that usually occurred at grander tournaments, Bryce has meanwhile established himself as a tourney knight of renown, quite an achievement, given his rather young age.

His knighthood seems to be his focus at the moment, as Bryce seems quite content to leave most of the duties of running Baverstock Manor to his uncle Sir Lorcan; even though his position as Lord of Baverstock will require him sooner rather than later to take up the duties as head of the manor, with all its responsibilities.



On the Grid

Known Associates

Lysanor, my wife
lysanor A kind young lady who I am as fortunate as to know from my childhood. I saw her more often as I started to squire for her father Cynfarch. There has never been more than civil words between us. She gave me a token of luck for my mission to Tilshead, and I asked her for her favor for the Wedding Tourney at Carlion. When we learned the both of us have been entertaining feelings for each other, it seemed only logical for me to speak to her father and ask for her hand.
My brother
landon The death of our father occurred when we were children still, it made our slight brotherly competitiveness that has always been there fade a little to the background, as we needed to stick together to deal with our loss. We used to be close but not too close not to test our mettle against other regurlarly… aiming to be the most proficient Baverstock knight! Until Landon got gravely battered while trying to retrieve two captive Salisbury knights from Dorset. I saw him recovering at Ebble Keep. And then he disappeared, under mysterious circumstances.
Sir Martyn
martyn My cousin is more the reticent sort, often thoughtful and quiet, but reliable.
Lady Syndra
syndra A cousin. More soon.
Lady Catriona
catriona A bright mind, and well trained through assisting her father, my uncle Lorcan with looking after our Manor. Even if she continues to tease me about my hair, she is a reliable member of the family.
Bastard sister
isolde Isolde serves my mother as handmaiden and messenger. I do feel ambiguous about her. On the one hand… she is close to my mother who has forgiven her; accepted her into the household when she wasn't required to. And on the other hand… her existence is the living proof of my father's infidelity.




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