Breaca de Wylye
Hayley Atwell
Hayley Atwell as Breaca de Wylye
Full Name: Breaca de Wylye
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Wylye
Class: Lady
Spouse: None Height: 169 cm
Father: Holyn de Wylye Weight: 45 kg
Mother: Glenys de Wylye Hair Color: Dark
Siblings: Lunette de Wylye (twin) Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Breaca de Wylye was born in 493 just a few minutes after her fraternal twin Lunete de Wylye. While it was obvious that Lunete will be a tomboy, maybe even a bit of a troublemaker, Breaca was quiet. The midwife even was scared for a few moments, that the girl was born dead. She didn't cry at all. Thanks to the God, she was breathing.


She didn't cry not because of the lack of energy or being weak. Breaca had inner and outer strength to stay calm even during the most unpleasant situations. It was given by the God and well-groomed by the young woman's tutors, parents, especially, the Godmother Lady Gloriana de Wylye. She was not a super romantic girl whose pockets were filled with dreams. She was quite realistic person of logic. She was able to give preference to the decisions made by her mind not by her heart. Of course, she learned how to be playful later.

Such a talent was quickly noticed by Lady Gloriana de Wylye, who always dreamed having a daughter. So, Breaca was lucky to be allowed to stay with Lady Gloriana de Wylye and learn from the woman not just how to be a proper lady, but also how to take care of the house, while all the knights are playing outside with their swords or defend the walls of our home. Breaca understood, that not just swords keep us alive, but common sense and knowledge too. So, she was not strong enough to fight in the battlefield, but she was clever enough to deal with numbers and politics.

So, she was following Lady Gloriana de Wylye everywhere since she learned how to walk. She was the daughter Lady Gloriana de Wylye never had. Breaca grew up convined by Lady Gloriana de Wylye, that she will be another Steward of the Wylye manor after the death of Gloriana. Breaca knew she is being prepared for that. Of course, there was always an option to be married off to another manor, but Gloriana made sure to convince Breaca, that no matter where she will end up, she must help her true family, her cousin Rowan.

There may be hundred and one reason, why Breaca was not able to get along with her true mother, but she loved her father dearly. Holyn de Wylye might have had an inferiority complex towards all his knightly siblings, but his little daughter, who loved settling in the man's lap, used to repeat, that her Papa is the best. So, obviously, their relationshop were great and the man taught his tiny twin daughter how to defend herself and was proud of the advancement she showed after a few years of learning. of course, lessons were quite sporadic, because Holyn was a busy man, and Breaca was a busy girl.

She was busy not just learning from Lady Gloriana, but also following Rowan and his brothers. Oh, she loved that. She always wanted to be in their group, play with them, but a poor girl often ruined all the fun with her logic and lack of imagination. However, she learned how to be more flexible, living in the manor with her cousins. So, these days she can show imagination and charming femininity, but prefers it to be elegant and more mysterious than blunt and whorish. A lady must be a lady, not a boy. So, that is why she usually rolls her eyes at the stories of her twin sister and other tomboys.

One of the main responsibilities of a good Steward is to know people of your manor. Lady Gloriana introduced Breaca to the folks of Wylye and that is how she got in touch with a few skilled healers of common birth. Breaca got equally interested into Chirguery as she was into Stewardship, because she actually saw a value in such abilities. So, soon the Chirguery became her profession and she was able to help to the wounded ones of her family. That was not the only lesson she got from various members of the household, relatives and folks of the Wylye manor. She improved her oratory abilities, reading, heraldry, history.

The only thing she was not able to lean was everything related to music. Not everyone can sing. Breaca just did not have an ear for music. She was not able to follow the rhythm, even if her voice was soft and beautiful. So, she was not able to move according to the music too. But who needs dancing, when lady Gloriana and Papa taught her of tactics to defend manor in case all men will be in battle or how to make sure that everyone would be with full stomach and in a happy mood?



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