Kit Harrington
Kit Harrington as Sir Bran de Bodenham
Full Name: Sir Bran de Bodenham
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Bodenham
Class: Knight
Spouse: Tegan de Bodenham Height: 5'10"
Father: Sir Elisedd de Bodenham Weight: 170 lbs
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Sir Idris, Sir John, Lady Bronwen Eye Color: Dark brown
Children: Children



Taller than the average man and broad across the shoulders, Bran de Bodenham is a fine physical specimen forged by years of training and tourney and combat. Unruly black hair nearly reaches his shoulders, loosely and naturally curly or wavy. Dark eyes are set closely together, narrow and intense over his narrow and patrician nose. Though twenty-five, there's an intensity and harshness to him that makes him seem like a far older and more experienced man. A low voice is often humorless, his speech often clipped and succinct. That's not to say he can't turn on the charm when required and he does have a strong jaw and handsome features, but his normal state of being seems to be taciturn and stoic.

Black is his primary color regardless of what he wears, though it is prominently accented with the red and silver of his house. The coat of arms of Bodenham is always displayed somewhere on his clothing, be it social attire or armor. Also placed prominently on his clothing is a black raven, smaller and less important than the arms of his manor, but ever present.

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