Played By Rachel Hurd-Wood
Played By Rachel Hurd-Wood as Lady Braelynn de Cholderton
Full Name: Lady Braelynn de Cholderton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Cholderton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Spouse Height: 4'10"
Father: Father Weight: 98 lbs
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Green
Children: Children


Braelynn’s hair has been gathered into a bun, and escaping flame red curls lick at the nape of her neck teasingly. A pale pink swath of thin linen trimmed in charcoal grey has been fastened to the underside of her bun, and it wafts down to the small of her back as she walks. Flesh so pale it appears almost to be translucent flushes, leaving apples of pink on her cheeks. A barely traceable pattern of veins can be seen through the pale skin, giving her an ethereal glow. Emerald eyes dance with mirth, and an intensity of purpose that only the intellectual can possess. Her lips are full and pink, and when she smiles her entire face seems to glow with an interior light. This Lady has an easy smile ready, and she rarely meets a stranger.
She is wearing an undertunic of pale pink linen. Atop this she wears a linen overtunic of charcoal grey. The squared neckline reveals the pale flesh of her collarbones, and ends chastely just before the swell of her breasts begin. Along the hems, including the neckline is embroidery of the same pale pink depicting lilies. The sleeves plunge past her fingertips to hide her hands entirely until she lifts her arms, and a slit is revealed beginning at the elbow. This allows her arms to be free of the dress when needed. The waistline is snug, and reveals the petite frame underneath. The skirts flow to the ground, and hide her feet. <size 8, appearance 16>

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