Played By Alexander Skarsgård
Played By Alexander Skarsgård as Bradwyn de Idmiston
Full Name: Bradwyn de Idmiston
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Idmiston
Class: Knight
Spouse: Nalia de Idmiston (née Durnford) Height: 6'0"
Father: Folant Weight: 178
Mother: Esyllt Hair Color: Dark Brown/Black
Siblings: Eilla and 2 other older siblings (Contact Gwynaelle and myself to App) Eye Color: Striking Blue
Children: N/A

General Details

Famous Trait: Valorous

Court: Guardsman to Earl Robert.

Height: Standing at six feet tall, Bradwyn picked up his abnormal height from his mother's side.

Striking Eyes: Bradwyn has the strikingly blue eyes common among the Idmiston line.

Pagan: Bradwyn is a Pagan. He holds Andarta, the Warrior Goddess and Goddess of Fertility as his personal patron.

Durability: Bradwyn is known to any who have fought him or seen him fight, in practice or on the field of war, for being able to endure a lot pain and injury and keep fighting.

Flirt: You have been warned, rather Lady, commoner, or servant. Though he is generally harmless.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Lady Eilla de Idmiston
eilla The Runt - My older sister, and shortest of our branch. You've grown into a good Lady, though you might be a bit too obsessed with brewing and trying to make me drink things other than wine. I still love you regardless.
Lady Nalia de Idmiston
nalia Wife - The one woman to capture Bradwyn's heart, and the one he intends to keep happy for choosing him.
Lady Gwynaelle de Idmiston
gwynaelle Second Cousin - As kids any time Bradwyn would visit, Gwynaelle loved to ride on Bradwyn's back or shoulders. While he was a year younger, once he grew tall enough to support her weight the two had fun. Gwynaelle of course wouldn't keep up the practice, when she was around ten, as she had to start behaving more like a proper lady and take matters more seriously. This was even more true after the deaths of Gwyn's brothers. Today Gwyn and Bradwyn remain close, and he is as protective of her as the rest of his family.
Sir Tomas de Idmiston
tomas Second Cousin - You were taken from us, and Dorset shall pay!
Sir Talfryn de Idmiston
talfryn Second Cousin - New heir, lost his sister and now Tomas as well. Have no fear cousin, we'll make them pay and I'll be here as best I can to help you with the manor till you sort your duties out.

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