Axelle Carolyn
Axelle Carolyn as Bleddyn de Idmiston
Full Name: Bleddyn de Idmiston
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Idmiston
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: Barely above average
Father: Father Weight: Slight
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Pale Blonde
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Crystal Blue
Children: Children

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Bleddyn's birth is an open secret, unspoken but generally known. A bastard born of the loins of the Lord of the Manor Idmiston, raised among the commons but with a gentle touch, some guidance here and there, the blessing of being chosen into good training and the knighthood over, some would say, more worthy candidates, but it was never argued. She stepped into her role without complaint, with all due duty and diligence, took her training at the blade and at the horse, nor did she shy away from the less glamorous duty of keeping the hunt, making sure that all due diligence was taken to see the local game both culled and allowed to thrive, collecting pelts for sale and meat to feed the bellies of the people, and making sure that no interlopers were taking an undue cut of the local fauna.

Bleddyn's education was oral rather than literate. She knows the great poems of her pagan tradition, the stories of the fae that haunt the woods, how to propitiate them and keep herself from falling into their glamours. If she never learned to read, it was never the most important of activities; the best and most important documents of religion are passed from mouth to ear, never to fall into the hands of those who would abuse them. She gives all due service to her religion, balancing religious and military observance.


There's a practicality to this sturdy young woman's build; she's neither tall nor at all short, sturdy but lithe, a boyish character to her frame that's only heighened by the breeches and short tunic she wears under the furs that keep her warm, the pelts inlaid with a few plates of fitted metal to offer her a more durable protection than most. Her hair is a bright white-blonde, her eyes a pale crystal blue, but even with her coloration there's nothing cold or icy about her. She's got a face given to a wry and angled smile, eyes which narrow in sardonic wit. If there is any barrier to her good spirits it's only a certain practical nature, a prudence that sets the good above the pleasant.

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Known Associates

Gwynaelle de Newentone nee Idmiston
gwynaelle Half-sister.

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