Trevor Goddard
Trevor Goddard as Berit of Sarum
Full Name: Berit of Sarum
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: None
Class: Commoner
Spouse: None Height: 5'5"
Father: Perran of Sarum Weight: 150lbs
Mother: Gwynallia of Sarum Hair Color: Greyish Brown
Siblings: Castyon (deceased), Perras (deceased) Eye Color: Winter Grey
Children: None



Berit was born February 14th, late winter in the year 489 AD. He is the only surviving son of Perran, 43, and Gwynallia, 40.

Much of his youth was spent working the land with his father and two younger brothers. Castyon, the next eldest behind him, was born in 491. Perras, the youngest, was born in 492. After Perras rather traumatic birth, his parents were never able to have another child.

At the age of 17, Berit and his younger brother Castyon, 15, were levied as skirmishers in the endless battles with the Saxons. Castyon never returned, but Berit made it home with a fresh collection of scars.

After two years of particularly bad harvests, Perras died of fever in the early winter of 508 AD. Berit was left the sole remaining member of his line. There followed three years of hard work, but relative safety, while Earl Robbert was knighted and Arthur was named King. Berit was not levied to fight in any of the many decisive battles of these years.

However, to the discontent of his family, he was levied several times during the battles of 512 and 513 AD. Much of his time not at war was spent at home during the harvest, healing and helping his parents to bring in the crop. During this time, at the battle of Castle Terrabil, his service in the army of King Arthur brought him a measure of distinguishment. Once the second battle had been joined, Berit was seen on multiple occasions to rally forth his fellow skirmishers and crash into week points in King Lot's forces. He did this a number of times before taking a spear thrust to the knee and being drug from the battlefield, unable to walk.

Having returned home with a heavy limp to add to his collection of varied and horrible scars, he once more farms the land along side his aging father. Both of his parents remain healthy and relatively happy, reassured by the knowledge that his limp will likely preclude him from being called on to fight once more unless the need is dire. His mother has been pestering him to find a wife and start a family of his own, complaining that he is already off to a late start.


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