Bastien de Falt
Jensen Ackles
Jensen Ackles as Bastien de Falt
Full Name: Bastien de Falt
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Falt
Class: Knight
Spouse: Nerys de Bishopstone Height: 5'8"
Father: Sir Merek de Falt Weight: 10 Stone (140 lbs)
Mother: Sir Jacqueline de Falt nee Dinton Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Surely Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


Bastien de Falt was the firstborn son of Sir Merek de Falt, a cousin of Sir Rhun de Falt, and Sir Jacqueline de Falt nee Dinton. Born premature, Bastien was a sickly thing that wasn't expected to last the winter and wasn't even named until he was a year old, when it became obvious that he is a survivor and would fight his way through the early months and years of his childhood, though he would always be below average of constitution and favor soups to a hearty meal.

Because of his sickly nature in his youth, Bastien was unable to travel with his parents, instead, he was usually left with the stewards of the House Falt, who found him to be a studious and intelligent boy. He was quick to pick up on the ability to read - and none thought him capable of ever being a knight, so there was talk of him entering the priesthood. However, as he neared his tenth birthday, he seemed to become healthier. His frame filled out further, and he experienced a growth spurt. By the time he was thirteen, he was healthy and strong enough to start training as a squire.

There was an agreement between the Houses of Falt and Bishopstone to trade squires amongst family members. While Bishopstone was openly hostile and distrustful of Bondenham, Falt was more envious of their successes as compared to the lack of their own, and it made them interesting bedfellows in their mutual distrust. An arrangement was made, and Nerys de Bishopstone squired under Sir Jacqueline, while Bastien squired under Sir Albrion, Nerys' father. The two met often and conversed, but as they came from two separate upbringings, things never quite clicked and their meetings were short lived.

When Sir Albrion died gloriously in the Battle of Hertford, Bastien's service to him came to an end. He was never ever fully able to convey his sadness at the knight's death, and he went to another knight to finish his training and became knighted. There were a few modest attempts to match the knight with a lady, however, things never seemed to connect.


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Known Associates

Custennin de Falt
custennin Leader of the House, absent for his son's birth. I wasn't about to stand in for him.

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