Jonathan Keltz
Jonathan Keltz as Sir Bartimaeus de Bishopstone
Full Name: Sir Bartimaeus de Bishopstone
Age: 23
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Bishopstone
Class: Knight
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'6"
Father: Sir Alibron de Bishopstone Weight: 150 lbs
Mother: Matide de Bishopstone Hair Color: Dirty blonde
Siblings: Sir Seriol de Bishopstone (elder), Sir Nerys de Bishopstone (elder), Sir Dillion de Bishopstone (younger) Eye Color: Blue
Children: None


The second son of Alibron de Bishopstone, Bartimaeus was groomed from a very young age to represent the base ideals of his family. Though all of his siblings had lessons in religion, his were most intense of all. His brothers were taught the subtle manners of court, while Bartimaeus was taught to read and write. And though all of the Bishopstone children were trained in the ways of combat, Bartimaeus never squired.

Upon the death of Sir Alibron, Bartimaeus was sent away from the family manner to take residence in the local Abby. Years he spent in study and prayer, every waking moment spent either at his knightly training or studying the various duties expected of a man of faith. Upon his 20th birthday he was granted his Priesthood, taking vows to the church that are surpassed only by those to his family and Liege.

From age 20 onward he spent much of his time traveling the borders of Salisbury, fighting off Saxon raids and helping peasants to rebuild. It was in recognition for his efforts along the border that he was eventually knighted, joining the ranks alongside his three siblings.


This rather unassuming man stands at an unremarkable 5 and a half feet tall. Though he is not bulky, the defined musculature of his lean form is solid as carved wood. It is clear that he has spent a good deal of time honing his body to some end. Likely combat.

Dirty-blonde hair has been trimmed to just above his ears, the relaxed style remaining long enough in back to shelter the nape of his neck. He has deep blue eyes full of quiet wisdom. The contemplative depths help greatly to offset the lean sternness of his face, which is further softened by a neatly trimmed beard of dirty blonde. A sharp white scar swoops diagonally across his thin lips to end just left of his chin. The overall effect makes it difficult to guess his age. Perhaps as young as 20, or as old as 30.

His skin has been weathered to a rich tan, flashes of grey and pink showing scars old and new. Both of his hands are solidly calloused, with a heavier concentration of arcing scars across the backs of his hands and knuckles.

He is currently wearing an indigo tabard trimmed in black set over a long-sleeved shirt of loose white linen. A wide black belt draws the tabard in tight about his waist before allowing it to flow freely on to flutter about his knees. Pants of fine grey wool gird his legs, tucked into a pair of high black riding boots. Hanging from his belt are the usual: a dagger with a dark wooden handle polished smooth by years of use, and a black leather purse holding his coins and other keepsakes. Also hanging from his left hip is a long scabbarded sword. The leather-wrapped hilt is battered from weather and hard use, but when it is drawn the scratched blade shines bright as polished silver.

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Known Associates

Sir Seriol de Bishopstone
Seriol My eldist brother. A just, practical man. He heads our Manner well.

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