Karl Urban
Karl Urban as Balanar of Wilton
Full Name: Balanar of Wilton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Unknown
Class: Commoner
Spouse: None Height: 5'11"
Father: Ton the Lost Weight: 171 lbs
Mother: Isore of Wilton Hair Color: Red
Siblings: Two younger siblings of no note. Eye Color: Brownish Green
Children: None


What makes a Manor is not just its name or history, even with the glory that is infused within those aspects of a Manor. It is the people, from the top to the bottom. The nobles and knights protect the holdings, protect the land, and the common folk and the peasants give them a reason to protect. For some it is for ever flowing treasure chests bulking with profit, for others it is the Knightly concept of honor and protecting the lower folk. If you asked Balanar what reason Wilton was protected by its family, name, and history, he would answer that he did not know and did not care. His loyalty was absolute.

Balanar's family were once farmers, then hunters, then wanderers. Not out of any sense of tradition or practice, but out of necessity. The clashing of kings naturally brings about chaos. A small farm and homestead, somewhere in Salisbury with words of fealty and duties of taxes to a Manor that did not protect and likely couldn't be expected to, was burned and sacked. By Saxons or foreign Knights, Balanar cannot even remember. It matters little, as the past is the past. The family traveled and wandered until they came upon salvation. Wilton and its foreign skinned Lord.

The family was taken in as Wilton had use for hunters and their ilk. Trappers, skinners, trackers and pathfinders. Of course the family was eager to prove their usefulness, and set themselves immediately to task. Balanar shadowed his father as a hunter and a tracker, though he always loved watching the knights and their squires train in the yards of Wilton. Riding out on fleeted horses to join in a far off battle or ride through the ranges as they practiced for the next tournament. The young boy dreamed of rising in station, with no concept or worry of how difficult or impossible that might be. He was granted a small stepping stone in that direction by his father when he turned 19. A gift for the lord the older man presented, a detailed and exhaustive map of all the lands that had surrounded Wilton. Every nook, cranny, fallen tree and crumbled rock was sketched in rough but near perfect detail. As reward the man asked for his son to be taken as a household attendant, so that he might assist the Lord and his Household Knights in their duties as a hunter and tracker.

With reward came duty and responsibility. Balanar was not to play as a knight. He did not squire or train with them, but was instead set to task to provide for the house and knights with his skills as a hunter. Many a boar, deer and rabbit were felled by his arrows and enjoyed by the Manor Knights. When given the chance he always jumped at the opportunity for more direct and martial tasks, such as scouting and ranging ahead for the benefit of whatever knight he was attending too. And of course when given the chance, his arrows found a few marks during battle, though he never sought glory or reward for his contribution. He was content enough to do his duty, though the dreams of rising up still remained.

Balanar is the loyal follower, the helpful attendant, the shadow and the second. He knows his place in the world, and although he has dreams of rising above his station and above his lot in life, as he grows older he realizes that is more and more unlikely. Despite that reality, he does not skirt from duty or task.


A young man, but one of rough living. He does not live the privilege life of a noble. There is no glory to keep the dirt away, or noble wealth to keep the clothes fresh and clean. This is a young man who lives the hard life of a peasant, though he does not seem to begrudge his station. There is a silent stoicism to him, as if he knows what his lot in life is and is perfectly content with it and all the duties and responsibilities it places upon his shoulders. There is loyalty here. To whom though? Family? Manor? Liege? Perhaps only to himself.

He stands a finger under six feet, and with enough stones to his weight to give him a rather noticeable presence. Even without armor to bulk himself up he is a large man, and the hardened muscles of his arms and chest only help emphasize his size. Those muscles are toned though, not bulging with years of building strength. He is still agile and quick on his feet, which is obviously necessary given his profession as some kind of hunter. He wears a dirty and frayed tunic that is colored like the woods, though depending on the season the color of his clothing has changed somewhat to match. A soft though dirtied white for winter. A muted green for summer and spring. And a medley of orange and brown for fall. The man dresses to purpose, and his purpose is the woods and game.

Along his back one will often find a bow and quiver filled with a bundle or two of arrows, and if not with his profession's tools a spear to walk the winding paths of the forest. It is clear though he does not use the spear is just a walking stick.

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Known Associates

Lord Earc de Wilton
earc Lord of Wilton, whom Balanar is ever loyal too for the favor and kindness the man has shown his family.

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