Katharine Isabelle
Katharine Isabelle as Arta de Cholderton
Full Name: Arta de Cholderton
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Cholderton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Betrothed - Martyn de Baverstock Height: 5'4"
Father: Aeddan de Cholderton Weight: 110lbs
Mother: Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Braelynn - Cousin
Lyonesse - Cousin
Loghaire - Brother
Llwyd - Cousin
Myfanwy - Sister
Eye Color: Slate blue


Arta de Cholderton, A pagan Chirurgeon, lady of the Cholderton house and famously(Stupidly?) merciful person. Second born of the Cholderton manor. Arta's childhood has been full of books and studying. While girls were not allowed to attend school, due to Arta's noble lineage she could afford studying under several masters hired to give her private lessons in reading and writing latin as well as riding a horse and swordfighting. During couple of summers she learned how to swim, she also learnt most of the dances that are danced in the courts of the land.
She began her studies as a Chirurgeon as soon as she could read the latin fluently to understand ancient wisdom stored in the pages of the books. Her time away from her home where she was grown to become a lady cost her some important lessons in courtly love and intrigue, but it was her own choice. She would rather save someone's life with her acquired knowledge and skills than know a sackful of sophisticated words and complicated ways to describe people, food or drink. Only recently at the age of 22 she returned home to Cholderton now as a qualified Chirurgeon and a lady.
Out of all the British pagan gods (Sometimes referred by her as the 'Old gods') Brigantia (Brigid the exalted one) holds most influence over Arta's religious life.
What influenced Arta's decision to become a Chirurgeon? It was the fact that Arta's father died due to an illness.

Read: Arta de Cholderton was grown to be a lady. She learned the basics of how to read and write Latin under the tutelage of a renowned chirurgeon. She had to learn some latin to be able to comprehend those rather expensive books about medicine.
Craft: While Arta de Cholderton certainly knows what she is doing her craft is practical rather than beautiful. Some would even call her craft crude.
Profession: Arta de Cholderton is a Chirurgeon by profession. Brought up as a lady she received formal education from a renowned Chirurgeon who taught her everything she knows about medicine, surgery, first aid and wound treatment.


Arta de Cholderton is a woman with a brown hair and slate blue eyes. She is by far not as large as her grandmother. She has soft, smooth skin and prominent cheekbones. She is build rather round and stocky. A delicate small nose and a pair of ears decorate Arta's head. Her complexion is rather pale and she is modest when it comes to physical attractiveness. Although not hideous, there's some room for improvement when it comes to her body language. One could say that she looks like she is fragile despite her round and stocky structure. She has that certain something about her that suggests that she could be vulnerable.

Known Associates

Cerys de Tisbury
cerys Relationship - Friend: If you were not there i would have no one to discuss the most important things in life with.
Cynrain de Durnford
cynrain Relationship - Complicated: *deep frown* How am i supposed to treat you?
Martyn de Baverstock
martyn Relationship - Betrothed: I never even heard your whole name and now we are betrothed suddenly..
Eirian de Falt
{$bitname} Relationship - Arta's niece.

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