Arngeir de Shrewton (retired)
Dave Grohl
Dave Grohl as Arngeir de Shrewton
Full Name: Arngeir de Shrewton
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Shrewton
Class: Lord
Spouse: Single Height: 5'7"
Father: Father de Shrewton Weight: :P
Mother: Mother de Shrewton Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: , , , , Eye Color: Brown
Children: None


Known Associates

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Recent Logs

(514-10-02) Your Sister The Enigma
Summary: Sir Mari Woodborough travels to Shrewton to meet with the new Lord of Shrewton, Arngeir....

(514-09-15) First Hunt During Summer Tourney
Summary: The Earl's Huntsman, Erylys, takes a few others on a hunt for the Earl's table....

(514-09-14) Dhani's Lament
Summary: Heaving bosoms undo the opponent. Or, rather, singing happens. Date: 514-09-14 Related:...

(514-06-26) Potatoes and Pears
Summary: A bump in the market leads to a bid for freedom from a few unruly root vegetables. Date:...


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