David Alpay
David Alpay as Anwir de Laverstock
Full Name: Anwir de Laverstock
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Laverstock
Class: Lord
Spouse: Unmarried Height: 5'10"
Father: Father Weight: 164
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Trystan, Padrig, Josette Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


The youngest brother of the current Head of Laverstock is something of a novelty. Despite loving and respecting his family Anwir refused the traditional Laverstock path, becoming a bard instead of a knight. He is rather good at his chosen profession and tends to wander a lot. He often turns up unexpectedly singing ballads, telling stories, playing the lute and trying to charm the local ladies.


A tall lean figure of a man who stands at five foot ten inches. Rather than the heavy muscled build of a warrior he has the lean toned structure of one who is fit but does not often fight. Smooth and a light olive tone his skin is without flaws or blemishes. A hint of dark well trimmed stubble is present around his mouth and over the base of his jaw and chin. A nest of pitch black curls top his head. The dark locks are thick, soft, and more often than not neatly brushed. That hair reaches down to his ears and halfway down the back of his neck. Thick brows sit low over his eyes. Those slightly slanted orbs are large and a dark grey color like the clouds of a coming storm. A straight nose with a dramatic point to it reaches down between his eyes sitting above small yet full lips. His face has an oval shape to it his features rather classically handsome. High cheekbones slope down to a strong squared jaw and a slender neck leads away to a lean and lightly muscled body.

Dressed in simple yet rather elegant attire he wears a tunic of rich vibrant green fabric with long flowing sleeves. The tunic has a hint of pale orange trim on the sleeves and around the collar, colorful without being too much. About his waist is a black leather belt and his trousers are also black, tucking into a pair of sturdy black boots. The boots are a bit worn, their soles flat to allow for agile and silent movements. He carries no weapons on his person but he does carry a lute of fine wood with him. If he is not holding it its often strapped across his back.

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