Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum as Lady Angharad of Newton Tony
Full Name: Lady Angharad of Newton Tony
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Newton Tony (Newentone)
Class: Noble
Spouse: Single Height: 5'0"
Father: Gerralt de Newentone Weight: 7st 10lb
Mother: Lynn de Newentone Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Seraphina, Glaw, Niamh, Dai Eye Color: Brown
Children: None



Standing at just a shade over five feet nothing in height, this slender young woman easily draws the eye. Her complexion is a flawless bisque ivory with a luminous quality to it which serves to enhance features that are both exquisite and delicate; with wide-set eyes of a warm honey-brown, a straight nose and a determined chin. Her mouth is generous, soft and wide and given to being curved into a smile more often than not and her movements are both graceful and confident with a certain lyrical cadence to her step. Her light-brown hair is blessed with natural highlights of copper and gold and hangs in a polished fall to the small of her back.

Distinctive Features

  • Fragile Beauty: It is said that when Angharad's mother conceived of her, she lay in a field and a thousand butterflies danced in the air. Such is the nature of the child she bore - her beauty and fragility that of a butterfly. There is nothing cumbersome nor clumsy in the angles of her face; her cheekbones and jaw exquisite, her eyes expressive and her complexion so clear and so pale that it shows the sweep and flush of every emotion.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Sir Seraphina de Newton Tony
seraphina Older Sister - To come.
Sir Glaw de Newton Tony
glaw Older Brother - To come.
Lady Niamh de Newton Tony
niamh Older Sister - To come.
Dai of the Stones
dai Half-Brother - To come.

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