Ginnifer Goodwin
Ginnifer Goodwin as Amalthea de Wylye, nee Dinton
Full Name: Amalthea de Wylye, nee Dinton
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Wylye
Class: Lady
Spouse: Sir Rowan de Wylye Height: 5'8"
Father: Sir Cedric de Dinton <Deceased> Weight: Slender, but tough
Mother: Lady Cara Hair Color: Dark Brown
Siblings: Cor (older brother, 24, Knight) & Dare (younger brother, 21, open to whatever). Page or mail if interested in playing one of them! Eye Color: Tarnished Gold
Children: The world must fear.

A Lady Dinton by birth and a stablehand as well, Lady Amalthea has known both sides of the coin. Though her name is noble, her profession is somewhat less so, at least for a Lady. Amalthea was raised by Sir Cedric de Dinton, the stablemaster of Dinton. Though he had sons, they showed neither the patience, nor the aptitude, to continue his legacy, and so it fell to Amalthea to take up the reins. Rising to the challenge, the unwontedly tall young lass did, and upon her father's death, seceded him as the stablemaster of Dinton. She is quick with a smile, full of boisterous energy, perhaps to make up for her odd profession and unusual height.


Stablemaster to Earl Robert
Former Stablemaster of Dinton
Famous Energetic
More than a little reckless
Married to Sir Rowan de Wylye


(515-03-01) Discomforting Revelations
Summary: Rowan and Amalthea take refuge from the rain and speak with Martyn. Date: 3/1/515 ...

(514-11-25) Very Noble Goals
Summary: Amalthea runs into Martyn in the marketplace and the two friends catch up. Date:...

(514-10-01) More Spear, Please
Summary: Martyn gives Amalthea another lesson in using the spear. She is a tad aggressive with it. ...

(514-09-22) A Quaint Autumn Wedding
Summary: Rowan and Amalthea wed as summer bleeds into fall. Date: 9/22/514 Related: Rowan x Thea...

(514-09-01) Strike for the Heart
Summary: Conversations and anger in the Black Boar. Date: 514-09-01 Related: None ...

(514-09-01) Mending the Stricken Heart
Summary: Rowan comes to find Amalthea in tears, comforts her. Date: 514-09-01 Related:...

(514-08-22) Some Shade
Summary: Amalthea is impetuously energetic. Again. Rowan catches on at the end. Date: 514-08-22 ...

(514-08-16) A Pagan in the Fold
Summary: Another visit to Dinton manor by Sir Arian, including some weighty discussion. Date:...

(514-08-05) Tender Mercies
Summary: Idris is the worse for wear from medicine, and is left to the tender care of the Willcotts ...

(514-08-04) A Possible Solution
Summary: Amalthea goes to check on Martyn after the fiasco in the marketplace. Date: (514-08-15) ...

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