Chris Hemsworth
Chris Hemsworth as Aluksander
Full Name: Aluksander
Age: 25
Culture: Cymric
Religion: British Christian
Manor: Pitton
Class: Knight
Spouse: Deryn de Pitton nee Woodford Height: 5'10"
Father: Thane Hywel de Pitton (d.) Weight: 165 lbs.
Mother: Merial de Pitton Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Green
Children: Emlyn (b. June 515)


Aluksander has never had much in the way of luck. Robbed of a father before he was even born, Aluksander's mother did her best to give the boy all the love and affection she could afford him. However, he was bullied and picked on by the other children when he was small, frequently teased about being a bastard and an orphan, though his mother was quite obviously alive. He fought often with the other children and seemed incapable of controlling his temper. Wishing to see him learn to be better, Merial de Pitton sought knighthood for her son. Taken as a page right away, Aluksander was paired with a knight that appreciated the young boy's position and lack of a father. Providing the paternal role model his mother had sought, the knight did a fair job helping to raise the boy. He also did a great deal in helping the youth school his temper and self-control. Unfortunately, this schooling took enough time and effort that Aluksander was not ready to be knighted as quickly as were his fellows. It was not until he was 25 years old that Aluksander would receive his knighthood and become Lord of Pitton Hall.

As Aluksander grew older, he also grew taller, quickly outpacing his peers in height; he would not, however, increase that greatly in strength, so while he was generally larger than his fellows, he was seldom stronger. And while Aluksander was never one to impress with feats of strength, his appearance quickly began to draw more attention than most. He had incredibly light, blonde hair that fell straight away, as well as piercing green eyes that very frequently captivated the young girls. Unfortunately, Aluksander was frequently sullen or brooding, his attitude terribly off-putting for someone as pretty as he. This kept him from much of the temptations of the flesh, as any girls that showed interest were quickly rebuffed by his utter lack of interest.

It wasn't until after he was knighted that Aluksander would find fancy in a woman's company. After hearing of the bravery of a particular knight in the Winter Tourney in Sarum, Aluksander went investigating. What he found in [[Deryn]] was more than he ever bargained for. The pair were fast friends and while Aluksander's ineptitude at discussing any matters related to romance kept the pair from actually becoming a couple, he was eventually able to gain [[Sir Acwel's|Acwel]] permission to court the Woodford woman. After a long courtship, the pair finally arranged marriage banns and were united the day after Deryn was baptised a British Christian.

Now, the Lord of Pitton Hall is known for two things: managing to engage more skilled opponents in incredibly long battles at tournaments, and refraining from charging in to combat unless sorely provoked.


At 5' 10" tall, Sir Aluksander de Pitton is considerably taller than your average Cymric knight. But that is not even what is most remarkable about him. Normally, it is the brillient emerald-green eyes that people notice and remember about him. At once piercing and playful, they are truly very expressive and often betray his mood no matter his intentions. What is also quite noticeable about him today is the ornate treatment his hair has received. While his blonde locks hang well past his shoulders to the middle of his back on their own, today he has braids corded through his hair. Starting at his temples and meeting at the middle in back, several plaits of hair have been woven together. They meet at the middle in back, and while the majority of his hair has been left to fall straight to mid-back, the two braids join toether into one longer one that lays atop the unfastened hair. And, at the bottom of the braid, a cord of orange has been tied into a decorative knot. His handsome face is clean-shaven, the square line of his jaw tapering to a rounded chin.

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Deryn de Pitton nee Woodford
deryn I had never put much thought into love or marriage. Truly, even when we first met, love was not on my mind. However, thanks to a great deal of time together (in no little part due to my mother), I came to see this woman as more than a friend. Now, she's my wife, and a man could not ask for a better match in every way.
Merryn Hywel de Pitton
merryn Had a I brother, he could be no closer to me than my cousin Merryn. Though we differ slightly in age and demeanor, there is no other person I trust more to have at my side or at my back save it be my wife.

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