Adelaide Kane
Adelaide Kane as Aldreda //nee Laverstock de Broughton//
Full Name: Aldreda nee Laverstock de Broughton
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Broughton
Class: Lady
Spouse: Sir Caerdin de Broughton Height: 5'1"
Father: Gareth Weight: Slim
Mother: Nimue de Laverstock Hair Color: V. Dark Brown
Siblings: Abigail, others (fairly younger) Eye Color: Chestnut Brown
Children: Coming Soon…




This young woman may be a touch taller than some of her counterparts; eking barely past five foot. She is, however, rather slim. Her slight build does not draw from her curves, but they are more supple rather than ample. Lithe neck curves into narrow shoulders and the swell of bust becomes a trim waist. While skirts and tunics can obscure the hips, they are neither broad nor narrow: simply an in-between that balances her frame neatly. She is well-proportioned, overall. There is a soft touch of color to her skin that draws it just-so from the point of pale (in such a way that cosmetics simply cannot manage). Her hair, however, is so dark a brown as to be nearly black. The curls that frame her features only serve to bring them out in greater contrast: dark, arched brows above wide, chestnut brown eyes that hold a wit and intelligence within them. Her nose is just barely saved from aquiline by the swell of cheeks and the wide bow of her lips above a gently curved chin.

On the Grid

Known Associates

Older Sister
abigail It is a blessing that Trystan agreed to allow Abigail to attend me in Broughton. I love Caerdin, but I would be lost without my sister in a new place. And he's asked her to stay until she is wed, herself, to aid with the child.

Recent Logs

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