Cara Delevigne
Cara Delevigne as Aine de Sarum
Full Name: Aine de Sarum
Age: 21
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Pagan
Manor: Sarum/Salisbury
Class: Commoner (Apothecary/Healer)
Spouse: None Height: 5' 9"
Father: Deceased Weight: 110 lbs
Mother: Deceased Hair Color: Blonde
Siblings: None Eye Color: Grey
Children: None


Aine was born to a pagan family that called the forests around Sarum home for generations. They were loyal to the local Lord, whoever it was, but did not spend much time in the towns and kept to themselves when not needed by others. There were rumors about them - as often is the case when some do not wish to part of the status quo - and some zealots of all persuasions would call them witches (or worse) and hang them if they could.

All this living in the forest did also provide a communal service however. Though not strictly healers, they learned to craft potions and elixirs from the natural world around them and people would come to them, begrudgingly, for help with ailments, affairs of the heart and remedies for illnesses of the mind. There was no magic in what they did, probably, simply generations of experience with the natural world.

Aine is perhaps the last of them. Her parents were killed when she was a child - a disgruntled Lord did not like they had cured his wife with their potions rather than his prayer so decided to show them who the real power was by hanging and then disembowelment. Raised by her maternal grandmother, Aine learned the family arts and an unselfish devotion to life and hope despite all that had been heaped upon her bloodline.

Now that her grandmother has passed, Aine lives alone out in the woods in a small hovel that is as much tree as man-made house, doing what she can to help with her potions and even simple advice. Sometimes she will come into town to sell her wares and offer her services and it is only a very brave or desperate person who searches her out in the woods without first organising an assignation. The forest is dark, the paths treacherous and her little house is so very hard to find.


Aine is a child of the woods. Unkempt rather than dirty (or dirtier than anyone else) she often has flowers in her long blonde hair and her clothes, usually a dress of white or green, are loose and free flowing. She has almost a faerie look to her with strong arched eyebrows and sharp features. Her smile tries to be ever-present and she seems a warm and approachable person but there is still a feral wildness in her eyes that may concern the more devout.

Tall, her body is lithe and athletic from her life in the forests. And though she will never be confused for a man, she is not overly endowed with curves.

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