Acwel (retired)
Colin O'Donoghue
Colin O'Donoghue as Acwel
Full Name: Acwel
Age: 22
Culture: Cymric
Religion: Roman Christian
Manor: Woodford
Class: Knight
Spouse: Betrothed to: Lady Heulwen de Dinton Height: 5'9"
Father: Llewellyn ap Dafydd de Woodford Weight: 160 lbs
Mother: Lady Dilys de Woodford (née Newton) Hair Color: Black
Siblings: Seren, Erion Eye Color: Green
Children: Children


The lord of the Woodford manor, Acwel never met his father, Llewellyn, who died a year after his birth. His siblings, the twins Erion and Seren, along with his mother were the only family he knew, though he resented his mother in his childhood and youth for ignoring him while tending almost completely to his siblings. Nevertheless, he loves them as he loves his family: completely and loyally. He is a man who refuses to sit idly and is always trying to improve himself and do more with what he has, as he considers his father to have died due to complacency.

As such, the young man has great ambitions for his Manor and will do the utmost he can to lead them to prominence within Salisbury. Thus, the young lord of the manor seeks to estabilish the Woodford family as synonymous with diligence and service to the Earl.

Only time will tell if he will succeed.

During the autumn of 514, Acwel and his betrothed, Heulwen, along with his sister, Seren, left Salisbury on a mission for the Earl to better relations with Helvetia.


This Cymric man is moderately tall and broad of shoulder. His skin is pale, though the occasional scar can be seen which hints to a life of either combat or hunting, his fingers calloused and his hands rough. His nose is straight, although a bit on the long side, and his lips are thin. His beard seems to have been shaven though his hair is unkempt; long and left unattended, it falls past his shoulders and not much longer, unevenly. His eyes are a dark green, chilly, impassive.

On the Grid

Known Associates

dinton The Dintons and the Woodfords are, with the double betrothals, allies.
Lysanor de Dinton
lysanor Seren's friend, able noblewoman, ally.
Cyndeyrn de Dinton
cyndeyrn A valorous knight, tall, and not very loquacious. A good brother-in-arms to have.
Kamron de Dinton
kamron Witty, a quick blade, too. Eager to prove himself.
Heulwen de Dinton
heulwen Simultaneously my joy and my torture. I love her.

Recent Logs

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(514-02-15) Organizing Over Dinner
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(514-02-08) Newfound Friendship
Summary: Sir Acwel invites the Lady Syndra to dine with him at Woodford. A new friendship and...

(514-02-05) Adding to the Party
Summary: Kamron suggests two additions to the ghostly quest to Acwel. Syndra cameos. Date:...

(514-02-02) Ghostly Festivities
Summary: During the Feast of the Presentation, the White Abbey is host to a visitation. Date:...

(514-02-01) Pursuing Justice
Summary: A group of knights, squires, sergeants, and one lady look to bring a group of brigands to...

(514-01-21) A day of Hawking
Summary: Log Summary Date: Winter 513 Related: None Unlike hunting,...

(514-01-19) On the Ramparts of Wilton
Summary: Acwel and Heulwen meet atop the Ramparts of Wilton, where he breaks important news to her. ...

(514-01-19) A Day In Sarum
Summary: Several challenges are made among a large grouping. Date: 01-19-514 Related: Tourney...

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