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Tourney NPCs

Be sure to tag them with the following:
young, average, notable, old, famous, extraordinary, dorset

Arwel de Hugh (Knight): First Appeared in Sarum Summer Tourney of 514 (Joust)
Bryok de Lostwithiel (Knight): Ladies' knight (Joust)
Cadan de Whitsbury (Knight): Feisty Dorset Knight (Summer Tourney 514 Joust)
Gryg de Witchampton (Knight): A young knight of Dorset that appeared during the Summer tourney in Sarum, 514 (Joust)

Other NPCs

Be sure to tag with staff-npc or player-npc.

Annora (Priestess): High Priestess of Danu (-)
Earc Wilton (Knight): Lord Knight, Vassal of Robert, holds the City of Wilton in Salisbury (Famous Knight)
Earl Robert (Knight - Earl): Leadership (-)
Jaradan (Knight): Marshel of Sarum (Leadership (Skill used for))
Sagremor (Knight): Visiting Foreigner (Event (Skill used for))

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