Llwyd of Totnes
Played By
Played By as Llwyd of Totnes
PURPOSE: Cornish jouster on the tourney circuit
Full Name: Llwyd of Totnes
Age: 26
Culture: Cymric
Event(s): Joust
Manor: Totnes
Class: Knight
Spouse: Spouse Height: 5'5"
Father: Father Weight: 165 lbs.
Mother: Mother Hair Color: Brown
Siblings: Siblings Eye Color: Black
Children: Children


The younger son of a relatively successful family of tin-smiths, Llwyd of Totnes is a fixture on the tourney circuit in Logres and Cornwall. He had no particular skill in the family trade and did much better with a lance than tongs. He began practicing in regional tournaments throughout Cornwall. As he gained more money and success, Llwyd went further afield. Logres offers more opportunity and money, but he stays more to the west than east given the long distances of travel.

Llwyd is a rather dour fellow who acts like the typical Cornish man: quiet, somewhat grim, and not given at all to small talk. He treats his pale blond squire Credan almost brusquely.

He speaks fluent Cornish.


Llwyd of Totnes is a rather dark fellow, face pointed and sallow under his helmet, and he wears the marks of many encounters on his oft repaired chain.

Timeline of IC Appearances

Most Recent Status: Defeated at Sarum Summer Tourney by Elrick de Laverstock.

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Recent Logs

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